6 Uses For Cola Around The House

We all know that cola may not be the healthiest drink ever, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have plenty of other good qualities. In fact, it never hurts to keep a few bottles on hand at home.  Here are 6 great reasons why the popular soda is incredibly practical around the house!

1. Remove Chewing Gum

It's happened to all of us — you sit down somewhere and suddenly feel some old chewing gum sticking to your pants. Eww! That's never going to come out. Well actually, think again: all you need to do is pour some cola on top of it and scrub off the gum using an old toothbrush. With a little bit of patience, you'll soon be rid of that nasty gum and rescue your pants.

2. Bake a Cake

Chocolate cake is tasty, but adding some cola will give your baked delight an extra special touch. The cake will also be more moist. Yum! 

3. Fertilize Plants and DIY Anti-Bug Spray

It's good to spray any plants you have at home with a liquid containing phosphorous and sugar. And that's where cola comes in! First, make sure that the soda is at room temperature. Simply fill a spray bottle with the cola and close the top. A few squirts will do your houseplants the world of good. It's even good for keeping any unwanted bugs away.

4. Remove Rust

Cola is also great for tackling rust on tools or cutlery. Simply leave the rusty object in a glass of cola for a few hours (an entire day would be even better) before wiping it with a cloth. You'll then see that the rust has been magicked away!

5. Clean the Toilet

Cola can also be used to clean your toilet. To remove any dirt, pour a generous amount of cold into the toilet bowl, wait 30 minutes, and scrub it well using a toilet brush. 

6. Remove Stains

Who'd have thought that you can remove stubborn stains from clothing using cola? If you don't have any other cleaning products handy, pour some cola on the affected areas before placing it in the washing machine. Let the cola do its work for 10 minutes and then wash your clothes as you normally would.

Are some of these hacks new to you? Either way, it sure is good to have some cola handy to take on a variety of household tasks. Try them for yourself! 


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