6 Enchanting Ideas For Your Garden

There's simply nothing better than hanging out in your backyard or garden with family and friends, or just curling up with a good book if you want a little bit of me-time. Now, in theory, a garden should be a source of peace and tranquility, and for most people it is. But for those who are really invested in maintaining a beautifully kept garden, there's always an element of stress to contend with. We're not talking about mowing the lawn, digging the weeds, or any of that stuff. No, the number one stress factor for hobby gardeners is the design and decor of their garden, and it ain't always cheap. To give your bank account a break, let the spirit of DIY flow through you and recreate the following 6 enchanting ideas for your garden!

1. Wishing Well

This is such a throwback! Wells used to pop up all over the place. In fact, most people had them in their yards because it was the only way for them to get clean water. Thankfully nowadays we generally don't have to worry about that and can just turn on the faucet when we need a drop or two. But there's one thing that's undeniable: wishing wells are beyond charming and the effort is well worth it. And don't worry, you won't have to go dig for groundwater – you just need to find some pretty flowers to put in that bucket!

2. Magic Water Tap

You have to look twice to believe it – that's actually real water flowing out of a tap that's hovering in midair! Where does the water come from? This fountain is bordering on magical and makes a fascinating garden decoration. You won't believe just how easy it is to add some magic to your own backyard! Get the instructions for the DIY Floating Water Tap.

3. Concrete Bird Bath

Many people view their beloved garden as an extra living room, only out in the fresh air of course, which is why it's important for hobby gardeners to adorn their green oasis with the right decor. And because everyone knows it's more fun to make the decorations yourself, today's superb selection is guaranteed to give your neighbors serious yard envy! Get the instructions for the Concrete Bird Bath.

4. Garden Fairy House

Are you looking to spruce up your backyard, garden, terrace, or balcony with a magical decoration? Would you also like to upcycle some old supplies you have lying around? This DIY project will let you kill two birds with one stone by turning an old plastic jug into an enchanting fairy house! Get the instructions for the Garden Fairy House.

5. Flower Pot Windmill

Windmills evoke strong images of a quaint countryside village and a relaxed pace of life. The charm of a windmill is undeniable, and it is a beautiful attraction, no matter the size. Now you too can create such an atmosphere in your own garden or backyard with just 3 simple flower pots. So roll up your sleeves and get to work! Get the instructions for the Flower Pot Windmill.

6. Flower Pot Kids

With the days becoming longer and warmer, many of us want to spend more of our free time out on the balcony or terrace. While enjoying the fresh air, we also want to feel happy in our surroundings. So if you think your flower pots are looking a little dull, here's a little inspiration for giving them a quick "face lift"! Get the instructions for the Flower Pot Kids.

Did you find a new DIY project to tackle? There really are no limits when it comes to home garden ideas, so it would be a shame if you didn't at least try out one of these 6 rad projects. Whether you decide to go big and conquer the wishing well or go for a more low-key project like the bird bath, your garden is going to look utterly enchanting!


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