6 Awesome Pillow Projects

Does your living room or bedroom look a little lacklustre or boring? One of the easiest ways to change that is by adding some colorful, original pillows to your couch or bed. Sure, you can always run to your local home goods store and buy some new pillow covers, but then you're missing all of the fun of making them yourself – plus you'll end up spending way more money. These 6 awesome DIY projects and upcycling ideas will show you how to make stunning pillows from items you probably already have lying around the house. From stitching gorgeous new accents onto old throw pillows to learning how to knit stylish new pillows yourself, we're going to help you make your living space extra chic and extra cozy!

1. Upcycle Old Leggings Into Knot Ball Pillows

They're a tight fit but still super comfortable, courtesy of a ton of elastic – we're talking about leggings, everyone's favorite piece of clothing. And because they're so beloved, it feels even worse when your favorite pair starts falling apart. But when that time comes, you don't have to try to save them or even throw them away – just turn your old leggings into a cuddly, soft pillow! Learn how to upcycle your old leggings into a chic knot ball pillow and start truly relaxing! Get the instructions for the Knot Ball Pillows.

Upcycle Old Leggings Into Knot Ball Pillows

2.–3. Pillow Covers Made From Upcycled Fabric

Do you have old shirts and sheets that have been used or worn one too many times? Even if they're in otherwise great condition, a few holes here and there can make you feel like you have to toss them out – but that's not true! These clever upcycling ideas will help you repurpose your old material into adorable new pillow covers in no time at all! Get the instructions for the Upcycled Pillow Covers.

Pillow Covers Made From Upcycled Fabric

4. Cute Homemade Pillow Accents

Sometimes all it takes to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary is the right technique. So those boring old throw pillows that have been sitting on your couch for ages? We have the perfect way to spice them up and turn them into statement pieces for your living room. Using some yarn, a few pearl beads, and an easy sewing method, you can make some gorgeous hand-stitched flowers that will make your throw pillows look fabulous! Get the instructions for the Homemade Pillow Accents.

Cute Homemade Pillow Accents

5. Upcycled Fun Flower Pillow

Upcycling is all the rage these days, and for good reason! Rather than buying expensive new store-bought items, all you have to do is open up your storage closet and dig straight to the bottom. Once you've found that sad old sweater you never wear anymore, grab some yarn and get to work. This easy technique will show you how to transform your old clothing into a fun new pillow that will brighten up any living room or bedroom. No waste, and definitely no wallet! Get the instructions for the Fun Flower Pillow.

Upcycled Fun Flower Pillow

6. Cozy Hand-Knit Pillows

When you think of knitting, chances are an elderly woman with two long needles and yarn making sweaters or socks comes to mind. Well, believe it or not, knitting has managed to gracefully transition into the 21st century. It turns out that knitting needles and hours upon hours of working away are both things of the past. Nowadays, all you need are your the right supplies and the right technique. In fact, you can knit cute pillows in just 15 minutes using only your hands, thick wool, and some fiber fill! Get the instructions for the Hand-Knit Pillows.

Cozy Hand-Knit Pillows

Are you ready to give your couch a makeover and revamp your bedroom? These easy upcycled pillows and hand-sewn accents will bring some life to your living room without costing you a thing. It's time to start relaxing in style!


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