6 quick hacks for solving everyday problems

Life knows how to keep us on our toes every day. That's especially true when we're left trying to keep on top of the chaos at home. But sometimes, our laziness can get in the way of finding solutions to those simple yet annoying problems. We're here to help...

1. Cable storage

Tangled up cables — it's a common nuisance. However, an easy solution is at hand and all you'll need is some empty toilet paper rolls, two pieces of cardboard, and a box for storing everything. 

First, disconnect the cables from each other. Roll up each cable and insert them into toilet paper rolls. Arrange the rolls in a row in the box on two opposite sides. To prevent them from falling over, keep the rows of rolls in place using pieces of cardboard. There should now be some space left between the two pieces of cardboard. You can store the rest of your cables there once they've been neatly rolled up. 

2. Storing gift wrap

The usual way to stop gift wrap from rolling out is to keep it in place with a strip of Scotch tape. But when you take off the tape, you also remove a piece of the gift wrap with it. To prevent this from happening, simply cut a toilet paper roll lengthways and clamp it over the gift wrap when storing it.

3. Keeping a straw in place

You've just opened a nice can of lemonade and want to put a straw in it... but the darned thing keeps trying to pop back out and refuses to stay in place. Don't fret — there's an easy solution to this problem. Simply turn the pull tab inward after opening the can. Now insert the straw through the pull tab into the drink. Turn the pull tab again slightly and it should keep the straw securely in place.

4. Making the best use of space in the microwave

It can be really annoying when you want to heat up two bowls of food in the microwave, but they don't fit next to each other. But all you actually need to combat this problem is a cup. Simply place one of the bowls on an upturned cup so that it fits above the other one. This really is the best way to get the most out of your microwave when heating up several bowls of food at the same time.

5. Double clothes hanger

Does your closet not have enough space for all of your clothes hangers? This is where the pull tab on a drinks can comes back into play. Remove it from the can and place it on the clothes hanger's hook. This way, clothes hangers can be offset to save space in your closet.

6. Keeping computer cables neat and tidy

Cables don't just get into a mess when they're being stored in boxes; they can also get tangled in the areas around your computer or television. To bring order back to any cable chaos, guide each cable through the loop on an office paper clamp and attach it to the edge of the table. 

Hopefully, you'll be able make good use of these helpful tips and save a little time around the house. Have fun giving them a try! :-)


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