6 Incredible Home Hacks That Will Solve Annoying Everyday Problems

There are numerous everyday situations around the house that can be seriously frustrating. Ever tried folding a fitted sheet? Or opening up a stuck jar of pickles? How about trying to get the trash bag out of the container in one go? Most of the time, you just give up and throw the sheets in the closet, wait until a friend comes over to help you with that darn jar, or just wind up dragging the trash can behind you until it slowly pulls off. But that's no way to live! These 6 tips & tricks will solve all of these problems and more!

1. Perfectly Fold Fitted Sheets

1.1 Grab two corners of your fitted sheet, lengthways and flip the sheet inside out.

1.2 With the elastic facing you, insert your hands into both corners and place the right-hand corner of your sheet over the left-hand corner, and flip it. 

1.3 Swap your hands, reach down, pick-up the equal corners on the opposite side, straighten. 6. Again, fold the right-hand corner of your sheet over the left-hand corner to form an L-shape.

1.4 Find a flat surface, lay your sheet down, nicely fold it into thirds, and then fold it into one neat bundle.

2. Get Chips Out of the Container

There's no way you're letting those last chips go without a fight, but it's starting to feel a tad undignified to pour them straight into your mouth from the container. If you want to get those few chips out and still maintain your dignity, just fold a sheet of paper, stick it in the container, and then slide the paper out – the chips will come right out on the paper and you can enjoy your treat like a civilized human being.

3. Hold a Shower Curtain in Place

A flapping shower curtain is not only annoying, but downright dangerous. To fix this slippery distraction, attach tablecloth weights to the shower curtain at even intervals along the bathtub – safety first!

4. Open Stuck Jars

Sometimes opening a glass jar requires considerable effort. If you're not able to do it on your own, and there's no one else around to lend a hand, a simple spoon is the answer to all your prayers. Place the tip of the spoon under the edge of the lid and lift slightly. If you hear a hiss (the sound of air entering the jar), that means your mission has been a success!

5. Quickly Thread A Needle

Rub the needle back and forth over the thread in the palm of your hand – this will eventually push the thread through the eye of the needle so you can get sewing.

6. Prevent Garbage Can Suction

To stop your garbage bag from sticking to the inside of the garbage can when you try and pull it out, you have to eliminate the possibility of suction due to air pressure. Drill three holes on the lower, outside portion of the garbage can. These holes provide pressure equalization and push the excess air out so you can easily pull the trash bag out without any added effort.

If only you had known these home hacks sooner – it could have saved you a lot of time and frustration! Thankfully you know them now, so it should be smooth sailing from here.


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