6 Hot Last-Minute Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A beautiful gift for Valentine's Day definitely doesn't have to be fancy and expensive. First and foremost, it's the thought that counts — and the sentimental value of those little presents that you like to make for your sweetheart. On that note, on Valentine's Day of all days it makes sense to craft something yourself as a gift. Let the following six ideas inspire you:

1. Flower Arrangement

The full explanation for how to arrange flowers in a vase with lemons, how to make them float like water lilies or how to arrange them in a large bowl can be found here.

2. Home-Grown Rose

Instructions for how you can make a rose grow larger and more beautiful with the help of a potato can be found here.

3. Photo Table

For a step-by-step guide and a list of everything you'll need for turning a simple table into a unique memento that immortalizes your photos, just click here.

4. Bottle Vases

You'll find everything you need to turn glass bottles into decorative pieces with a personal touch here.

5. Custom Folded Napkins

An illustration of six different ways to fold napkins can be found here.

6. Lampshades

The details on how to craft brightly colored lampshades for wine glasses are all here.

Perfect as a romantic gift or a cute way to decorate the table together for a candlelit dinner: thanks to these six ideas, you're well-prepared for Valentine's Day.


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