6 More Practical Uses For Magnets

Magnets are insanely useful when it comes to the household. For starters, you can use them to keep your kitchen tidy, keep kids busy for hours, or brighten up your bedroom. Read on to discover 6 more practical ways to make your everyday life easier with magnets!

1. Organize Cables

You'll Need:

  • pen springs
  • magnets

Here's How:

Wrap a pen spring around a cable, stick it to a magnet, and attack the magnet to a surface such as a desk drawer. The easiest way to do this is to place a different magnet on the inside of the drawer as a counterpart. No more tangled messes!

2. Collect Paperclips

You'll Need:

  • container
  • magnets

Here's How:

The following trick is super practical if you drop a box with paperclips, thumbtacks, screws or whatnot. Simply hold several magnets stacked on top of each on the other side of the container. Now you can collect the scattered small metal pieces in one go directly into the container.

3. DIY Fishing Game

You'll Need:

  • colorful felt
  • waterproof felt pen
  • paperclips
  • masking tape
  • craft glue
  • 2 chopsticks
  • string
  • hot glue
  • magnets

Here's How:

3.1 Paint two identical fish on the felt and cut them out.

3.2 Place a paperclip on the back of a felt fish and secure it with masking tape.

3.3 Glue the felt fish pieces together with craft glue. Repeat Steps #3.1-3.3 until you have a colorful group of sea creatures.

3.4 Knot a piece of string on each chopstick and use hot glue to attach the other end of the string to a small magnet. Now you can use the makeshift fishing poles to go fishing!

4. Organize Kitchen Cabinets

You'll Need:

  • drill
  • magnets
  • screws

Here's How:

Screw strong round magnets to the underside of a shelf in the kitchen cabinet and you'll be able to hang cans, jars, and containers from the "ceiling," thus giving you more space.

5. Makeup Board

You'll Need:

  • picture frame
  • spray paint
  • magnetic board
  • glue
  • decorative paper
  • self-adhesive magnetic sheets

Here's How:

5.1 Spray paint the picture frame in the color of your choice.

5.2 Cover the magnetic board with decorative paper.

5.3 Place the magnetic board and frame back in the picture frame.

5.4 Stick magnetic sheets on your makeup containers and place them on the magnetic board.

6. Bottle Opener

You'll Need:

  • wooden board (12 in x 3 in)
  • drill with hole saw attachment
  • 2 magnets
  • hot glue
  • wall bottle opener

Here's How:

6.1 Use a hole saw to cut 2 circles into the lower half of the wooden board.

6.2 Glue the two magnets into the sawn-out holes with hot glue.

6.3 Turn the wooden board over and attach a bottle opener to the top half.

6.4 Hang your bottle opener on the wall. Thanks to the magnets, the bottle caps will magically “stick” to the board after opening, thus making cleaning up easier.

These 6 tips and tricks are guaranteed to make your life easier, and will also make you home a whole lot tidier in the process! You can find 6 more practical uses for magnets here.


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