6 Essential Tips & Tricks For Emergency Situations

Did your power go out and you forgot to stock up on candles, batteries, and flashlights? You want to go camping with friends, but you forgot to buy a camping stove? Is your water turned off for maintenance, and you suddenly find yourself unable to flush the toilet? Have no fear! Thanks to these 6 survival hacks, you'll be able to keep a cool head during your next emergency and take control of the situation.

1. DIY Gas Mask

You'll Need:

  • plastic bottle
  • fabric tape
  • elastic band
  • soda can
  • cotton pads
  • activated charcoal
  • dust mask

Here's How:

1.1 Cut out one side of the bottle and tape the edges with fabric tape.

1.2 Punch a hole on the left and right side and run a rubber band through the holes.

1.3 Tape the edges of the lower half of a cut soda can with tape and puncture the bottom of the can several times using a nail and hammer. Then place two cotton pads in the bottom half of the soda can, add two tablespoons of activated charcoal, and put two more cotton pads over the top.

1.4 Unscrew the lid of the plastic bottle and attach it to the soda can with tape.

1.5 Combine with a dust mask and your gas mask can be your salvation when deadly gasses and odors hit.

2. Makeshift Candle

Use a wax crayon to replace a candle by first pushing a thumbtack through an empty tea light holder. Then melt the bottom of the thumbtack so the crayon will stick to the candle holder. Now all you have to do is light the tip of the crayon and let there be light!

3. Makeshift Camping Stove

You'll Need:

  • 2 soda cans
  • steel wool
  • metal trivet
  • ethanol
  • coin

Here's How:

3.1 Punch several holes, as seen in the video, in the bottom of a soda can with a hammer and nails.

3.2 Cut off the lower third of both soda cans.

3.3 Place the steel wool in the non-pierced, larger part and then placed the pierced ⅓ of the can on top.

3.4 Place the two interlocked cans on the metal stand and pour some ethanol into it. Put a coin on the bottom of the can.

3.5 Use a match to start a fire and now you can put a small pot on your contraption and cook up a storm.

4. Homemade Kindling

To start a fire quickly and easily, stick a small, thin branch in an ordinary pencil sharpener and light the branch shavings. Things will be heating up in no time!

5. DIY Water Filter

You'll Need:

  • plastic bottle
  • piece of cloth
  • twine
  • activated charcoal
  • sand
  • small stones

Here's How:

5.1 Halve the plastic bottle and secure a piece of cloth around the spout with the twine.

5.2 Place the bottle half upside down in a glass and layer it in the following order: activated charcoal, sand, pebbles, sand, pebbles.

5.3 Pour the water in and wait until it finally runs through the various mineral layers and cloth and into the glass. Finally, boil the water before drinking it.

6. Emergency Toilet

Say your toilet isn't working due to repairs, a power outage, or perhaps an vindictive ex. Well, you can't NOT go to the bathroom, so what are you going to do? Simple – all you need to make a waterless toilet are two garbage bags and some kitty litter! Lift the toilet seat, place the larger trash bag in the toilet first, followed by the smaller trash bag, and then pour some cat litter into the smaller garbage bag. Put the toilet seat down and you're ready to go. When nature calls, pour some kitty litter over your business and call it a day. You can easily dispose of the smaller bag once you feel you've made full use of it. 

You never know when you might find yourself in an emergency situation, so it's always best to be prepared! Admittedly, some of these tips are more suitable for extreme situations, but you'll likely find some of them quite handy for everyday use. Either way, in case of an emergency, you'll be thankful to know these tricks and be able to put them to good use!


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