7 Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Car Nice and Tidy

With most people choosing cars as their #1 choice of personal mode of transportation, we're seeing them more and more often out on the open road. Your vehicle can also be a sense of pride, so it's best to make sure it's always looking it's best, because after all, a sloppy and dirty automobile could be a bad reflection on you. But never again with these 7 super easy and super simple tips and tricks to keep every looking nice and neat!

1. DIY Twisty Cable

Nothing's more annoying than a charging cable that hangs from the center console and gets tangled between the gearshift and the handbrake. But you can easily remedy this situation and make any cable into a spiral cord spiral cable.

You'll need:

  • charging cable
  • 2 pen springs
  • pencil
  • some tape
  • hair dryer

Here's how:

1.1 Wrap a spring around the cable directly below both plugs.

1.2 Wrap the cable around a long pencil and fix it in place on both sides with tape.

1.3 Blow dry the wrapped cable for about two minutes. Then unwrap the cable.

1.4 Now you don't have to worry about your cable always getting in the way when you're driving!

2. Radiant Headlights

You can make your dirty headlights shine bright once again by applying toothpaste to a rag and rubbing it on the headlights. Then wipe off the toothpaste with another clean rag.

3. Clean Your Cup Holders

3.1 To free your cup holders of dust and dirt, put a sock over the bottom of a glass.

3.2 Spray the sock with all-purpose cleaner.

3.3 Place the glass with the sock in the cup holder and use it to wipe the area clean.

4. Freshen Up Your Air Filter

If your air vent is blowing foul-smelling air into the car, or if you just want to spread a pleasant scent around the car, put a few drops of an essential oil of your choice on a wooden clothespin and stick it to the vent.

5. Remove Pet Hair

To remove animal hair from car seats, first spray them with water and then scrape the hair together with a rubber squeegee. Collect it all in one pile and toss it out at once.

6. Clean The Air Vent

To clear your air vent of dust, put a towel around the end of the stem of a fork and use it to clean between the vent blades.

7. Tropical Air Freshener

Cut large pieces from the peel of a pineapple and place them in a freezer bag. Place the bag on the dashboard and you've got yourself an instant air freshener!

Now you'll be proud of your car interior the next time someone hits you up for a ride!


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