7 Tips And Tricks For An Organized Closet

Disorganized clutter anywhere in the house is annoying, but in the closet?! That has to be one of the most aggravating places for a chaotic mess. Not only does it slow down your morning routine, but throwing clothing, shoes, and accessories all over the place can damage your delicates and ruin perfectly good clothes. The house tends to get the most disorganized when you're super busy (so, all the time) or when you don't have enough space to store everything  and your closet is no exception. These 7 tips & tricks will show you some incredible space-saving techniques for putting your closet on the road to recovery and bringing back your peace of mind. Simplify your closet and simplify your life!

1. Non-Slip Hangers

You'll Need:

  • rubber bands

Here's How:

If your nice shirts, dresses, or tank tops keep slipping off of the hangers and making a mess, there's an easy fix. Secure 2 rubber band onto each side of the hanger and your clothes will stay put!

2. Easy Underwear Storage

You'll Need:

  • baby wipe dispenser

Here's How:

Fold your pairs of underwear one on top of another as shown in the video. Neatly place the folded pairs in a clean baby wipe dispenser, put the lid back on, and you can pull out a new pair of fresh underwear every morning!

3. Sock Drawer Organizer

You'll Need:

  • felt
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Here's How:

3.1 Cut 3 pieces of felt into even rectangular pieces. Use a hot glue gun to glue the pieces of felt on top of each other, first with 2 vertical lines of hot glue, then with 3. Let the glue dry and cut the stacked felt sheets into 3 even strips.

3.2 Glue the 3 strips of felt together with 2 vertical lines of glue.

3.3 Let the hot glue dry and gently pull the 2 edges of felt apart to open up your new sock drawer organizer. The openings in the felt should form a honeycomb pattern, and 1 pair of socks should fit perfectly into each opening.

4. Folding Hack For Jeans

You'll Need:

  • pair of jeans

Here's How:

4.1 Fold your pair of jeans in half lengthwise.

4.2 Flip 1 leg up at a 90° angle and roll up the rest of the jeans, starting from the waistband.

4.3 Flip the leg that's outside of the roll over the rest of the jeans and now you can stack them up in a space-saving way!

5. Fast Folding Hack For T-Shirts

You'll Need:

  • T-shirts

Here's How:

5.1 This quick folding hack only has 3 steps and will save you tons of time on laundry day! Pinch your T-shirt both at the shoulder and in the middle section on 1 side of the shirt.

5.2 Keep pinching and pull the shoulder down to the bottom of the T-shirt.

5.3 Shake the shirt so that the loose fabric falls into place and you'll have a perfectly folded T-shirt!

6. DIY Hanger Hooks

You'll Need:

  • soda can tabs

Here's How:

Remove the metal tabs from some soda cans and put them on your clothes hangers. Hang a second hanger off of the tab, and now you can hang multiple clothes hangers on one another.

7. Space-Saving Scarf Hangers

You'll Need:

  • shower curtain rings

Here's How:

To save space in your drawers and keep your scarves organized, attach a few shower curtain rings to a clothes hanger. Now you can conveniently hang multiple scarves and shawls on just 1 hanger.

Say goodbye to cluttered closets, lost clothing items, and frustrating folding. These organizational tips & tricks will save you time and create more space – in both your closet and your brain!

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