7 Genius Ways To Use Coca Cola

Coca Cola isn't just one of the all-time classic sodas we all know and love, it's also a genuinely great cleaning product. No, we're not joking: you can use cola to clean burnt pans, get rid of disgusting gum stuck to the bottom of your shoes, clean smudged glasses, and much more. These brilliant life hacks will completely change the way you look at coke!

1. Clean Burnt Pans

Soak your burnt pan in coke overnight, rinse it with water the next day, and it'll be as good as new.

2. Trap Insects

Place a small bowl of coke next to your fruit. The sweet scent will attract ants and other insects and your fruit will be left alone.

3. Unstick Gum From Shoes

Pour a bit of coke over the gum and you'll notice how easy it is to get off of the sole of your shoe.

4. Get Gum Out Of Hair

Soak the affected area in coke for 20 seconds and you'll be able to get the gum out of your hair super easily.

5. Clean Smudged Glasses

You can even clean smudged glasses with coke! Just pour coke over the lenses, rinse them with water, let them dry, and see the world in HD once again!

6. Give Photos A Vintage Look

Soak your photos in coke overnight and then let them dry the next day to give them a nice sepia effect.

7. DIY Slushie

Shake the coke bottle and freeze for 3 hours. Open the bottle for a second, then immediately close it again before turning it upside down. No need to go to 7-Eleven, because you've got your very own DIY slushie!

Pretty crazy what you can do with a bottle of coke, huh? It's great to treat yourself to a glass every once in a while, but now that you're aware of the magic that is cola, you can use what's left to help you around the house!


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