7 DIY Advent Calendar Ideas To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Once Thanksgiving is over, the only thing on everyone's mind is Christmas. Getting into the Christmas spirit is something that is of tantamount importance to us. We like to decorate, we like to jubilate – the whole 9 yards. Of course, that highly anticipated countdown to Christmas would not be complete without a festive advent calendar. You can go to any supermarket and pick up a generic one, but there's just something about a homemade advent calendar that hits us right where we live. That's why we've compiled our 7 absolute favorite DIY advent calendars to get you and your loved ones into the Christmas spirit and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! 

1. Christmas Advent Calendar Elves

If you want to make the cutest, easiest advent calendar ever, all you need are some toilet paper rolls, felt, a hot glue gun, and as much candy as your heart desires! Even The Grinch could pull this festive decoration off!

Christmas Advent Calendar Elves

2. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are one of the few things you need to have ready for your loved ones by the end of November. While you can simply buy one at the store, homemade calendars usually generate more enthusiasm among the little ones. It's not too hard to make the thing either, as our tutorial proves! Get the instructions for the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

3. Christmas Wreath Advent Calendar

Can you believe it's almost Christmas?! Regardless of whether you've been naughty or nice, everyone deserves a way to celebrate the holidays, and the best way to count down the days until Santa makes his annual visit is with a DIY advent calendar. These also make excellent pre-Christmas gifts for all the people in your life who appreciate a good homemade present! Get the instructions for the Christmas Wreath Advent Calendar.

Christmas Wreath Advent Calendar

4. Christmas Cottage Advent Calendar

Of all the beloved pre-Christmas traditions, having an advent calendar is one of the most important. You can easily make one yourself and fill it with all your favorite candies. However you decorate it, for every day from December 1st until Christmas Eve, you can tear open one of the paper rolls and devour its sugary contents! Get the instructions for the Christmas Cottage Advent Calendar.

Christmas Cottage Advent Calendar

5. Christmas Gondola Advent Calendar

December is almost here, and you know what that means – it's time to break out the advent calendars! But instead of buying a generic, cookie-cutter one from the store, why not make something extra special this year? This advent calendar, which resembles a cozy winter ski gondola, is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit and feed your sweet tooth all at the same time! Get the instructions for the Christmas Gondola Advent Calendar.

Christmas Gondola Advent Calendar

6. Christmas Advent Calendar Bottles

Do you miss the advent calendars of your childhood? Do you want to create something really unique this Christmas? This DIY advent calendar marks all the boxes, plus it lets you upcycle all the plastic bottles you have lying around! Get the instructions for the Christmas Advent Calendar Bottles.

Christmas Advent Calendar Bottles

7. Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Supermarkets are now stocking up on turkey, gingerbread, and eggnog, while commercials and posters are starting to feature a cheery rotund gentleman dressed in red. Yep, that's right — the Countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun! In that spirit, learn how you can transform a run-of-the-mill advent calendar into a wonderfully festive book that's full of surprises! Get the instructions for the Christmas Book Advent Calendar.

Christmas Book Advent Calendar

These 7 magical advent calendar ideas are the perfect way to countdown to Christmas. Every single one of these calendars is going to transform your space into a snuggly Christmas den and they also make fantastic gifts! 


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