7 Etiquette Rules For The Dinner Table

Good table manners never go out of style, so make sure you know the proper rules of etiquette the next time you hit the town!

1. Elbows on the Table

Keep your wrists on the edge of the table when not in use.

2. Napkin Placement

Place the napkin on your lap before you are served and always leave the napkin on the table when you leave or briefly step away.

3. Chewing

Always close your mouth when you chew.

4. Talking

Never talk when your mouth is full – wait until you have swallowed your food.

5. Utensil Placement

How you position your utensils sends a message to the wait staff.

6. How to Hold a Wine Glass

Grabbing the glass by the rim transfers heat to the wine, so it's best to hold your wine glass by the stem.

7. Phone Use at the Table

Using your phone in the presence of others is disrespectful and signals disinterest.


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