7 Great Hacks To Keep Your Food Fresh Longer


Are you the sort of person that goes to the store without a shopping list? If so, you may be more prone to stocking up your fridge with food you don't really need, increasing the chance of it being forgotten and going moldy. For example, every strawberry lover knows how quickly a rotten piece of fruit can "infect" the rest of the batch. But thanks to the following tricks, your food will stay fresher for longer. Stale bread and moldy bananas will also be a thing of the past if you give these hacks a try...

1. Mold-Free Strawberries

Strawberries spoil particularly easily. To slow down this process, add a shot of apple vinegar to a bowl of water and dip the strawberries into it. This trick helps to remove any mold spores from the fruit and keeps your strawberries fresh for days. Just remember to rinse off the strawberries before eating them.

2. Fresh Bread

Supermarket bread from packages gets moldy particularly quickly. To prevent this, simply keep a stick of celery with the loaf in the bag. This keeps the bread fresh for longer and stops it from drying out. The celery doesn't have any effect on the bread's taste either.

3. Crisp Salad

To prevent your salad from going moldy, simply store it in a dry dish towel. The towel absorbs any moisture, keeping the salad fresher for several days longer than usual.

4. Fresh Yellow Bananas

To keep bananas fresher for longer and prevent them from going brown, wrap the crown — the area where they are attached to each other — with a plastic bag or food wrap. This trick slows down the ripening process, ensuring the bananas can be eaten several days longer than usual.

5. Soft Cookies

Cookies that are supposed to be soft stay fresh for longer when you keep a slice of bread in the cookie jar. The bread stops the cookies from drying out, keeping them wonderfully soft.

6. Tasty Milk

To enjoy milk for longer, there's a really simple trick. After opening the bottle, add a pinch of salt to the milk; this will keep it good for up to two weeks longer. And don't worry — you won't be able to taste the salt afterwards.

7. Fresh Meat 

To prevent freezer burns from appearing on the meat, it should be packed in an airtight bag. It's best to use a zip lock bag. Make sure that most of the air has been squeezed out of the bag. Leave a very small slit open in the bag and place it in a bowl of water. The water forces the air out of the bag, which you can then zip up without any problems. The meat is now vacuum packed. With no more pesky freezer burns, the meat will stay fresher for longer.

There you have it — these 7 clever tips will not only keep your groceries fresher for longer, you'll also be throwing a lot less food away. 


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