7 Cute And Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Have you ever been complimented on your gift wrapping? The person receiving the gift is truly touched, or they might even say it's too pretty to unwrap! Having your gifts stand out is a great feeling, but it's not always easy to impress. Luckily for you, we have a few quick and easy wrapping tricks up our sleeves that will make your gifts stand out and make your presents truly pop. These 7 creative ideas will guarantee that everyone in your life will look forward to special occasions, simply to see your latest wrapping skills!

1. Round Gift

Wrapping a round gift never really ends up looking like you want it to. Instead, it's simpler, cuter, and less stressful to wrap wrapping paper around the round object and tie it up with a pretty bow!

2. Easy-Open Gift Box

Anyone can buy a gift box, but you can make much more of an impression by making your own creative container. Take a decorative paper cup, cut the top edging off, then make vertical slits around the top half, making sure the spacing between each slit is even. Put the gift inside and fold down to the sections you made, fanning them on top of one another. Now you have a reusable gift box that's both sleek and personalized!

3. Gift Boxes That Open From The Heart

A heart is the symbol of love, so why not give a gift box with a heart-shaped lock? First cut out the template for the heart gift box. Next, trace the template onto some colored card stock or construction paper. Cut the template out and make fold lines along the dotted lines shown on the template by running an open pair of scissors along them and pressing down slightly. Use a ruler to guide your scissors and make sure the fold lines are straight.

Finally, fold the box and place the gift inside – the folding technique is shown in more detail in the video if you get stuck. Now you have a gift sealed with love!

4. Make The Most Of Wrapping Paper

One of the most annoying things about wrapping presents is that moment when you discover that the piece of wrapping paper you cut out is too small. But don't worry, you don't actually have to cut out a new piece of wrapping paper. If you position the gift diagonally instead, it magically fits!

5. Heart-Shaped Envelope

Giving small, homemade gifts is another great way to make your loved ones happy. To send a cute note, you can cut a large heart out of wrapping paper and fold it into an envelope. If you get stuck trying this out, the folding technique is shown in more detail in the video. Write a personal message and put it in this adorable envelope. It even unfolds into a big heart once it's opened!

6. Gift Wrapping A Bottle

A nice bottle of wine or champagne makes a great gift, but it's always a little awkward to wrap. You can turn the packaging into an eye-catching part of the present by wrapping the bottle with double-sided tape and then attaching individual chocolates to it. Glue construction paper leaves around the neck of the bottle and wrap it in cellophane wrap. Now the wrapping is a work of art in and of itself!

7. Homemade Gift Box

A homemade gift always goes over well, but if you still want to surprise someone with something you've bought, making the gift box yourself is a great alternative! Just cut out the template for the top of the gift box, trace the template onto some colored card stock or construction paper, and fold the top of the box as shown in the video.



Cut out the template for the bottom on the gift box and trace and fold this part of the gift box, just like you did for the top.

Now all you have to do is put your gift inside, and voilà – the perfect homemade gift box!

The days of frustrating, over-complicated, and dull gift wrapping are over – your gifts will be the talk of the town thanks to these surprisingly easy gift wrapping hacks!

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