7 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

We probably all know that feeling of pure frustration that is the result of puttering around in the kitchen, trying to come up with solutions for the same problems over and over again, and failing. Enough of that! We can't keep repeating this toxic kitchen pattern. Whether it be a missing can opener, trying to open a bottle of wine, cleaning the inside of a bottle, or attempting to neutralize gross smells – these 7 tips and tricks will take care of all your pesky kitchen woes!

1. Eat With Chopsticks

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, others with chopsticks. Just kidding, but honestly, it can be kind of tricky to learn how to use chopsticks when you didn't grow up using them. As with so many problems, there's really no point in giving up, though. The solution is simple: Remove the spring from a clothespin and fasten it to some chopsticks. Eating delicious food with chopsticks and looking AMAZING while doing it has never been easier!

2. Open Cans Without A Can Opener

Pointlessly searching for a misplaced or lost can opener has got to be one of the great tragedies of everyday life. But never fear, just because you can't find the thing doesn't mean you have to go hungry. It might sound crazy but the way to can opener independence is by using the humble spoon. Grip the spoon tightly and just keep using it to rub the can end. Once you're done, you can just pry the can open. We'll be the first to admit that the result doesn't necessarily look pretty, but it sure does the trick.

3. Pour Drinks Without Spilling

Trying to gracefully pour coffee or tea for guests or even yourself and making a huge mess in the process is a true nightmare. No matter how slow and steady you go, it's that last drop that's gonna do you dirty. It either spills directly onto the white tablecloth or dribbles down the side of the pot a mile a minute, leaving you no time to wipe it off before it inevitably spills on the table. To make sure this never happens to you again, all you need to do is to put a piece of tape on the spout. And that's really all it takes to turn your life into a drip-free dream. Amazing, right?

4. Clean Tall Bottles

Attempting to clean the inside of a bottle can be as annoying as a dribbling coffee pot, especially when the perfect solution is so near, yet so far away. Of course, you can keep trying with sponges and rags and whatnot, but you're probably never going to reach the bottom of that dirty bottle. And that's where raw, uncooked rice comes in. Put a small amount of rice into the bottle, add some water, and really shake it up. Pretend you're a bartender if you need to. The grains of rice are so hard that they manage to scrub away any residue in the bottle. We love an easy kitchen hack that's easy on our nerves!

5. Open Wine Bottles Without A Corkscrew

A glass of wine is truly a thing of beauty. But if you don't happen to have a corkscrew on hand and you're about to just give up on life because what is the point, well, don't. Because the solution couldn't be easier. Just take a key and do the exact same thing you'd be doing with a corkscrew. Bottoms up!

6. Remove Odors From Food Containers

Forget a piece of bread in your lunch box and you'll pay dearly. The smell of bad food that sticks to plastic no matter what you do to get rid of it will haunt you forever. UNLESS you try this super easy hack. Put several crumpled-up pieces of newspaper in the container, close it, and leave it overnight. The very next morning you'll find that the paper has neutralized the unpleasant odors from the moldy food.

7. Microwave Multiple Items At Once

Think you can only use the microwave one person at a time? Try again! If you put everyone's food in the microwave at the same time by stacking it up, no one has to wait for the other person's food to be heated up. Plus, you're doing something for the environment because you're using less energy. Win-win, right? 

With these awesome tips and tricks in your arsenal, there's not a battle in the kitchen you won't be able to win. Who needs can openers, corkscrews, and all that clutter anyway, right?


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