7 Tips & Tricks For An Organized Kitchen

Having a tidy, organized kitchen can be tricky business, but it's far from impossible. Most of the clutter and grime in the kitchen accumulates from a lack of space, or from scattered utensils and ingredients. These 7 easy tips for kitchen organization will show you how to store your loose knives in a safe way, keep track of all of your cutlery, and even save space on food storage. Not only will these tricks save you time when you're cleaning up, they'll also give you a designated spot for everything you need, so no more frustration looking for the right kitchen tools! Plus, all of these techniques can be done using items you probably already have on hand. If only making that gourmet meal were as easy as keeping the kitchen clean and tidy!

1. DIY Knife Block Made From Books

You'll Need: 

  • hardcover books
  • thick twine or rope

Here's How: 

1.1 Rather than leaving your knives lying around in drawers or spending money on an expensive knife block, you can make a unique knife block super easily at home! Line 5 hardcover books up next to each other and tie them together snugly with a piece of thick twine or rope.

1.2 Insert your knives directly into the pages of the books, and you'll have a great new system for storing your knives!

2. DIY Cutlery Holder

You'll Need: 

  • 5 empty shampoo bottles
  • screwdriver
  • lighter
  • hot glue gun
  • screw-on cap 

Here's How: 

2.1 To create an easy DIY cutlery holder to hold kitchen utensils after they've been washed, start by cutting the top off of 5 empty shampoo bottles. The cut should be arc shaped and should be the same on all 5 bottles.

2.2 Use a lighter to heat up the end of a screwdriver and poke 2 holes in the bottom of each shampoo bottle. 

2.3 Use a hot glue gun to glue the plastic screw-on cap onto the top of one of the cut shampoo bottles.

2.4 Glue the remaining 4 shampoo bottles around the cap and let the hot glue dry completely.

2.5 Next time you do the dishes, you'll be amazed at how much extra space you have to let your cutlery dry!

3. Easy Garbage Bag Dispenser

You'll Need: 

  • paper towel roll
  • craft knife
  • trash bags

Here's how: 

3.1 Use a craft knife to cut a long, rectangular slot out of an empty paper towel roll.

3.2 Slide the roll of trash bags into the cut paper towel roll and guide the first trash bag through the slot you cut out.

3.4 Put your trash bag dispenser at the bottom of your trash can, pull the first trash bag over the lip, and secure it. Once the trash bag is full, the next empty trash bag is already in position and ready to go!

4. Can Organizer

You'll Need: 

  • magazine holder

Here's How: 

Organizing and storing all of the canned goods you have lying around in the cupboard couldn't be easier! Stack the cans one on top of another in an empty magazine holder and place it in your cupboard.

5. DIY Knife Block Made From Rice

You'll Need: 

  • wine chiller or tall food storage container
  • rice

Here's How:

For another quick & easy way to make a DIY knife block, fill a wine chiller or tall storage container with rice. Insert your knives directly into the rice and you'll have a great, simple storage solution for all of your knives!

6. Hanging Cutlery Holder

You'll Need: 

  • cutting board with a hole in the handle
  • kitchen towel
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • twine 

Here's how:

6.1 To make a cute, chic hanging cutlery organizer, start by cutting a rectangle out of the kitchen towel the size of the body of the cutting board. Use a hot glue gun to glue the cut towel to the cutting board.

6.2 Glue ribbon along the edges of the kitchen towel, leaving the topmost edge nearest to the hole in the cutting board uncovered.

6.3 Thread a piece of twine through the hole in the cutting board and tie it to make a loop. Suspend your new hanging cutlery holder by hanging the twine loop on a hook, and start filling it with your kitchen utensils!

7. Convenient Sponge Holder

You'll Need: 

  • large empty plastic bottle (e.g. laundry detergent bottle)
  • craft knife

Here's How: 

7.1 To make a convenient sponge holder, use a craft knife to cut off the lower corner of the large plastic bottle at an angle.

7.2 Cut a small section slightly larger than the divider in your sink out of the corner of the piece of the bottle you cut off.

7.3 Position the sponge holder on the divider in your sink, and now you have the perfect spot to store sponges!

Once you try these 7 convenient tips for organizing your kitchen, you'll see how pleasant it is to cook when everything is in the right place at the right time. These tips will help you create more space, save time, and save money so that you can focus on the fun parts of making food, like trying out new recipes and eating!

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