7 Life Hacks Every Independent Woman Should Know

There are numerous household situations that can be difficult for anyone to deal with. For all these little everyday problems, here are 7 simple solutions that every modern woman should know. 

1. Carry Multiple Heavy Bags At Once

Do you live on the 4th floor without an elevator? Did you just go on a massive shopping spree or have a huge load of groceries to haul in from the car? Everyone has faced that personal challenge of seeing how many bags you can carry inside in one trip, but now there's a way to do it without ripping up your hands. Just slip all the bags onto a large snap hook or carabiner and you'll lighten your load in one go!

2. Trap Spiders

Even if you don't have an actual phobia of spiders, nobody wants to deal with the creepy crawlies. If an eight-legged fiend happens to cross your path, trap it between a glass and a piece of paper and carry it to an outdoors spot where you can easily release it into the wild. You'll be free of the creature and even manage to do it in a humane and guilt-free manner!

3. Remove Broken Light Bulbs

If one of your light bulbs burst and you need to unscrew what's left of the bulb from the light socket, just stick a potato in there and twist until the screw comes out. Practical and safe!

4. Move Heavy Furniture

Maybe you couldn't manage to convince any of your friends to help you move and you also don't feel like dropping money on expensive furniture gliders. Lucky for you, you can easily make your own DIY furniture gliders with potatoes! Put a thick potato slice under each furniture leg and the piece will glide as if it were on ice!

5. Unstick a Jammed Lock

You'll especially find this problem with older doors, wherein the key has to be put into the lock just right, otherwise it won't go in one fluid motion. To solve this major annoyance, simply rub a pencil over the jagged part of the key so that enough graphite settles into the grooves. No muss, no fuss!

6. Fix a Clogged Toilet

Forgot to pick up a plunger for the millionth time? If your toilet starts overflowing and you find yourself in a pinch, this trick will be a major lifesaver! Lift the toilet seat up, wrap multiple layers of plastic wrap over and around the toilet bowl so that it is completely sealed, and flush the toilet. The pressure will push the toilet water up, at which point you need to firmly press down on the plastic wrap with both hands. This will dissolve the blockage and everything will finally go back to where it belongs – after all, what goes up must come down!

7. Hang Pictures Evenly

Hanging pictures can be a real pain when someone else isn't around to tell you if it's even. And it's even harder to know where to put the nails in the wall if you don't have the same spotter. But all you need to fix that is some toothpaste! Use toothpaste to mark the two eyelets on the back and press the frame against the wall – exactly to the point where the picture should later hang. Then use your toothpaste markers as a guide for where to hit the nails into the wall. Genius!

With these 7 tips & tricks, you'll be prepared for whatever life decides to throw your way.


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