7 Clever Salt Hacks For The Home

Everybody already has salt in the house, usually in the kitchen since that's where it's used the most. But did you know that it has so many more great uses than just seasoning your food? It's true! These 7 tips & tricks will show you exactly how to get the most use of this beloved kitchen staple.

1. Prevent Grease Splatters

Splashing oil not only burns like you wouldn't believe when it comes into contact with your skin, but it also leaves quite the stubborn stain when it sets on your kitchen counter. To stop that from ever happening, add a pinch of salt to the unheated oil in your pan.

2. Clean Burnt Pans

Cover the burnt base of the pan or pot with salt and add water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then bring the water to a boil. The residue will wipe right off with a sponge.

3. Clean Sponges

To get your sponge clean again, place it in a bowl with some salt and water. Press the sponge into the water a little bit and put the bowl in the microwave. After a few minutes, the sponge will be as good as new.

4. Chill Drinks Quickly

This trick is the perfect summer hack! To chill your drinks in no time, fill a cooler with ice, add the beverages, and pour salt over the ice. The salt will make the ice melt faster, which will make your drinks ice cold much faster.

5. Unclog Drains

For a natural drain cleaner, mix baking soda with salt and sprinkle it over the drain. Pour vinegar into the drain, let everything mix together, and let sit for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, pour boiling water into the drain and you'll have clear pipes once again.

6. Clean Artificial Flowers

Anyone who has artificial flowers knows how easy it is to forget all about them, particularly because they don't require the same amount of upkeep as real flowers. To quickly get rid of dust, place the flowers, petals first, into a plastic bag and add salt. Shake the bag, take out the flowers, and tada – no more dust!

7. Clean Up Egg Spills

Anyone who has ever dropped an egg knows what a nightmare it is to clean up. Save yourself some time and a ton of paper towels with this trick. Pour salt over the liquid, wait for the mess to solidify, and then wipe it up in one go with a rag.


Who knew salt could get even better?! You're going to save big and eliminate the need for unhealthy chemical products in your house with these wonderful ideas!


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