7 secret smartphone functions

Though we use smartphones every day for a great deal of our communication, we still don't know everything about this very versatile device. Most of us stick to the functions we know such as writing messages, making calls or using the same old apps.

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However, iOS and Android devices feature a whole range of functions and settings that only a few people know about. In the right situations, they can be extremely helpful and make everyday life that little bit easier. Here are a few features you may be missing out on...


1. Ad blocker

Switch to airplane mode if you want to block ads on your iOS or Android device. Though while this mode is activated, just be aware that you won't be able to make or receive calls. 

2. Secret code

You can hide your number for an individual outgoing call without having to delve deep into various menu settings. Simply type #31# before the number you'd like to call, and the person receiving the call will not be able to see who's calling. This applies for iPhones in the United States.

3. Taking photos while recording a video

You can still take photos while filming with your iPhone without having to stop the recording. Simply press the lower right button to take a picture.

4. Mouse and keyboard

Android supports external devices such as mice and keyboards. If you have too much to write or your touchscreen no longer works, you can use a USB cable to connect external devices to your smartphone.

All you need is a compatible cable that has a smartphone input and a USB connection jack for the keyboard or mouse.


5. Time as password

If you're worried that someone might have seen your password for unlocking the screen, make the current time your password using this app. Of course, it's only secure if no one knows that you're using the app. 

6. Lock screen message

If you lose your smartphone, you first have to hope that it has found its way into the right hands. You can leave your contact details such as an e-mail address or alternative phone number on the lock screen so that the person who found your phone can contact you.

To do so, Android users can scroll down to "Security" in the "Settings" menu and select "Lock screen message." Here, you can enter a message that will be displayed on the lock screen.


7. Song recognition

You don't need apps like Shazam to identify songs that are currently playing. From iOS 8, all you need to do is ask Siri what the song is called.

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It's quite surprising to see how many settings and features your smartphone has. Which one are you going to try out next?






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