7 Nifty Household Tricks Using Old Tea Bags

It's often the case that grandma's tried and trusted methods provide the best solutions to everyday problems. A completely underrated allrounder from the good ol' days is the tea bag. It depends on the type of tea of course, but you may be surprised to see what used tea bags can still bring to the table. Whether you need a fertilizer, ant repellent or something to help soothe insect bites, tea bags are simply fantastic...

1. Insect Bites

Summer time also means mosquito time. If you get bitten, you can minimize itching as well as any swelling or inflammation by pressing a black tea bag into the bite for 15 minutes. Ensuring the tea bag is slightly warm will also combat the itching more effectively.

2. Unpleasant Shoe Odor

While they may look stylish, many types of sneaker can start smelling unpleasant after a while. This is a problem during the warm summer months in particular. Herbs and spice help to absorb odors, so we recommend leaving a dry lavender tea bag in your shoes overnight. The following day, the smell should be gone.

3. Dirt-Encrusted Pan

You can make cleaning dirt-encrusted pans a much easier task by leaving a herbal tea bag to soak in it overnight. The next day, the dirt should rinse off without any problems.

4. Ants

Ants are often an unwelcome guest in the home or on the balcony during the summer. To get these pesky intruders on their way, place a few used peppermint tea bags near where they keep appearing. Ants can't stand the smell of mint and will quickly disappear.

5. Unpleasant Fridge Smells

Sometimes, the fridge can start smelling unpleasant and it's tricky to find out why. There are plenty of refrigerator deodorizers out there to choose from, but a natural solution is closer to home than you think. Simply place a bowl of used peppermint tea bags in the fridge and the smell will be gone in no time.

6. Fertilizer

Hang a few fruit tea bags in a watering can and leave them overnight. Tea contains nutrients that work very well as a fertilizer.

7. Relaxing Bath

Liquid from herbal tea contains nutrients that are good for your skin. Therefore, they make the perfect addition to a relaxing evening in the tub!

So before throwing away your old tea bags, always check if they can used for another purpose. As these ideas show, it'd be a shame not to make the most of their full potential.

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