8 Extremely Useful Bathroom Hacks To Make Your Visit More Pleasant

Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it – yep, we're talking about going to the bathroom. Toilet use is largely a taboo subject in our society, which is pretty crazy when you think it, especially since single-stall bathrooms are a fairly recent development. Ancient Roman bathrooms consisted of one long bench that multiple people used simultaneously, while the approach in the Middle Ages was essentially "when you gotta go you gotta go" – back then, they would just relieve themselves on the street, and there was no shame about it. 

Today, the bathroom is more of a private place, so people are less likely or willing to openly discuss their experiences on the porcelain throne. Because you won't hear them from anyone else, here are 8 lifesaving bathroom secrets to make your next visit much more pleasant.

1. Prevent Splashback

Nobody wants this unexpected and unwelcome surprise. To stop splashback in its tracks, place a few sheets of toilet paper in the water before you get down to business.

2. Mask Embarrassing Noises

To drown out unpleasant noises in the bathroom, just play some music on your phone and place the phone in a dry sink. Thanks to its shape and construction, a sink acts as a speaker and amplifies the music.

3. Relieve Yourself Naturally

You're doing it all wrong! Sitting on the toilet with your body at a 90° angle may be your go-to position, but it puts too much strain on your body and can cause serious problems in the long run. To protect your body and make your trips faster, easier, and less painful, place a small step stool in front of the toilet, and rest your legs on top of it while using the bathroom. This will put your body at a 35° angle, or a natural squatting position, which is the best and healthiest way to get things done.

4. Mask Odors

Not everyone keeps air freshener in their bathroom, and if you happen to be the unlucky visitor at one of these homes, you know just how embarrassing that can be. On the other side of that, sometimes you'll end up using the bathroom after someone who left it smelling not exactly like roses. To quickly eliminate bad smells in the bathroom, simply light a match. The ensuing smell of sulfur very effectively covers odors.

5. Liven Up Your Visit

Hey, sometimes it can be a long visit and that can get a little boring. If you're going to be there awhile, you might as well have some fun and catch up on all your favorite shows. Attach two adhesive hooks to the bathroom wall and slide in a tablet. Best bathroom trip ever!

6. Unclog Toilets

If you don't have a plunger on hand, this trick works wonders. Put a good amount of dish soap in a bowl, fill it up with warm water, and pour the bowl into the toilet. The soap water will slowly help dissolve the blockage so that your throne can get back to all its glory in no time.

7. Secure A Broken Lock

Of course, this trick only works with older doors. But if you ever find yourself in such a situation, just slide a long key through the latch. This should give you just enough time to do what you gotta do without any embarrassing or unwanted encounters.

8. Fix A Broken Toilet Paper Holder

If your toilet paper rod is broken, has gone missing, or just isn't doing it's job properly, you can substitute a pen until you get a proper replacement.

These 8 secret tricks will help you avoid many unpleasant situations and make it easier for you to answer the call of nature in peace. 


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