8 Best DIY Homemade Candle Ideas

If you want to set the mood, light a candle. Whatever mood you're going for, be it cozy, romantic, relaxing, or calming, a flickering candlelight will help set the scene. Luckily for you, there are also many different kinds of candles that can help you convey the right message. Whether fragrant or beautiful, practical or with a hidden surprise, there's something for everyone here!

1. Mandarin Lantern

Winter is on the way and that means it's time to enjoy some delicious mandarin oranges. This vitamin-rich citrus fruit makes a healthy snack and when it starts appearing in grocery stores, you know that Christmas is just around the corner. It's always a pleasure to see kids grabbing for these sweet treats instead of the usual sugary candies that are found in their stockings. And now you can pique their interest even more with this very simple trick of transforming a mandarin or clementine peel into a cute little candle. Full instructions here.

2. Scented Candle

Proper light — most importantly, warm light — is essential for that homey feeling of wellbeing. These days we're exposed to a lot of artificial lighting, whether at work, public transportation, shopping at the supermarket... and all too often it's cold light from fluorescent tubes. At the very least, we should be able to do it right at home so we get a little dose of cozy warm lighting. This oil lamp, which you can easily make yourself, is the perfect solution. The lamp also provides a wonderful light while emitting a lovely, comforting aroma. Full instructions here.

3. Golden Dragon Egg

Of all the mythical creatures in human folklore, there's one that's fascinated us for centuries: the fire-breathing dragon. Throughout the ages, artists have depicted these nightmarish creatures in many different ways — but what they really look like, no one can say. And maybe the adults look very different from the hatchlings. But one thing the myths do agree on is this: dragons lay eggs. But such a powerful, imposing creature would never lay a dull, gigantic hen's egg. Maybe they'd look something like these delicate, iridescent specimens. Full instructions here.

4. Fall Lanterns

With the evenings getting longer, there's nothing better than snuggling up under a duvet on the couch and watching your favorite TV shows. As you spend more time inside, it makes sense to create the perfect autumn atmosphere in your own home. So here are two neat DIY ideas that'll add a cozy seasonal touch to your living room. Full instructions here.

5. Multicolored Crayon Candle

What was the best thing that could happen to you when you were a kid? Undoubtedly, opening up a fresh box of crayons probably ranks somewhere up there with your favorite childhood memories. And while coloring was arguably the best part of art class, there's so much more you can do with crayons than write or draw, like make these beautiful homemade candles which everyone will be impressed by, thanks to the splashy colors and fun layers. Full instructions here.

6. Anti-Mosquito Candle

There it is again — that annoying high-pitched buzzing in your ear. All you want to do is relax on the deck and enjoy the warm summer evening, but this incessant noise has put you on edge. Thankfully, we've come up with a simple solution to this irritating problem: fill a Mason jar with a few simple items and watch those mosquitos head for the hills. Full instructions here.

7. Atmospheric Candle Lampshades

It's sometimes best to keep things simple. As you'll see, you can put long-forgotten arts and crafts projects from your childhood to good use for adding some stylish touches to your home. With this clever home decoration hack, you'll be making your very own homemade lampshades in no time. It only takes three easy steps, so go ahead and get started! Full instructions here.

8. Magic Dragon Candles

Who doesn't love a plastic Easter egg filled with goodies? Or a Kinder Surprise? Or a Wonder Ball? It's hard to resist a hollow chocolate egg filled with toys! Now you can make your own surprise egg, but instead of chocolate and a toy, you'll get a candle and a dragon. This is definitely the grown-up version of your favorite childhood treat, and you'll love watching the dragon egg "hatch" as the DIY candle burns down and out pops your new baby dragon. Full instructions here.

If you can't wait for fall, go ahead and get in the spirit early with some DIY projects and recipes. Make a beautiful fall decoration and the perfect fruit bowl with colorful autumn leaves and then enjoy some pumpkin gnocchi in cream sauce.


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