8 Fun DIY Projects For Kids

Children's birthday parties are great fun for all children. However, for adults, they can be stressful when it comes to preparing the celebrations, sorting out party favors, and keeping an eye on the little rascals, all while keeping them happy. But at least the preparations part should be a bit less stressful that you are equipped with the following 8 fun ideas to keep the little ones busy.

1. Bracelet Charms

Some people might remember these from their childhood — tiny pieces of toy jewelry made from shrinking plastic. What fun it was to put the plastic in the oven and watch intently as it curled slightly and then began shrinking until it ended up as a tiny charm. Take a trip down memory lane and relive this excitement all over again! Get the full instructions here.

2. Homemade Playdough

When the weather outside is gloomy outside parents can entertain their little ones by creating something together. And what could be better than working on some cute craft projects and watching their eyes light up when they get to proudly present their work? Children and adults alike will love this colorful playdoh that's so easy to make! Get the full instructions here.

3. Confetti Party Bowl

While we have plenty of fun throwing the colorful stuff around at weddings and baby showers, it can be a real pain picking tiny pieces of glittery paper out of the carpet three months after a big party. It leaves us thinking what the point of it all was. However, there'll be no mess to clear up with this neat little idea — confetti has never been so useful with these colorful confetti party bowls!

4. Puffy Paint

Sure, you can create eye-catching, vibrant pictures using any type of paint. But if you want to give your paintings that defining edge, you should look no further than puffy paint. The airy paste is a cool concept in its own right, but why not have some more fun by making your own? All you'll need is three everyday items to get started. Get the full instructions here.

5. Self-Inflating Balloons

Why wear yourself out with all that huffing and puffing involved with blowing up a balloon when you can just make the balloons inflate on their own? After all, you shouldn't have to be the one doing all the work! Just pour some baking powder in a balloon and then place the balloon over a bottle filled with white wine vinegar – the pressure will blow the balloons up for you.

6. DIY Fidget Spinner

They're one of THE most addictive toy crazes in the 21st century, so it's no wonder fidget spinners are so popular. For kids, they're fun to play with, and for adults they make the perfect office stress reliever. And if you want one too, there's no need for a trip to the toy store. With a few supplies, you can easily make your own fidget spinner yourself. Get the full instructions here.

7. Reversible Stuffed Animal

When it comes to buying toys, some kids can be really picky, especially when it comes to stuffed animals. If your little one can't decide whether they'd rather have an owl or a penguin, instead of buying both, you can follow these instructions for a bit of DIY at home, and you'll end up with two for the price of one. Get the full instructions here.

8. Confetti Cannon

No party is complete without a little confetti flying around! And is there a better way to get it flying and kick the party into high gear than a homemade confetti cannon? Here's a quick and easy way to make this popping good party favor. Get the full instructions here.

Whether you test out these arts and crafts projects for a children's birthday party, after-school activity, or you just want to keep your kids busy on a rainy day, these 8 DIY ideas never get old!


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