8 Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas

Giving thoughtful gifts is one of the most fun parts of the holidays, and showing loved ones how much you care is part of what makes this season so bright! Of course the presents themselves are important, but sometimes the way a gift is wrapped can be a gift all on its own! And with these 8 creative ways to wrap your gifts, your friends and family will be sure to know how much you care. Not only will the gifts you give look stunning, but you'll have tons of fun wrapping them for the special people in your life. Giving gifts might even be as fun as receiving them! 

1. Fabulous Folding Technique

You'll Need:

  • wrapping paper
  • tape

Here's How:

1.1 Fold the lower part of the wrapping paper over the gift so that it's nearly covered.

1.2 Fold both of the lower corners of wrapping paper inwards to create 2 parallel flaps.

1.3 Fold the upper flap on the left-hand side towards the middle of the gift, then do the same with the upper flap on the right-hand side.

1.4 Fold the 2 lower flaps into the middle of the gift so that they're hidden. Repeat this process a few more times until the gift is covered in wrapping paper, then neatly wrap up the open end of the gift.

2. DIY Golden Jewelry Box 

You'll Need:

  • empty walnut shell
  • gold acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • felt
  • ribbon

Here's How:

2.1 Paint the inside of both halves of an empty walnut shell gold with acrylic paint. Place a small piece of felt in 1 of the shells, then place your piece of jewelry on the felt. Put the walnut shell back together, tie a ribbon around it, and make a gorgeous decorative bow.

3. Candy Gift Ornament

You'll Need:

  • old light bulb
  • M&M's
  • decorative string or ribbon

Here's How:

3.1 Unscrew the base of the light bulb and remove the wires and filament inside. Rinse out the inside of the light bulb, then fill it with M&M’s or other sweets. Reattach the base, then thread a piece of decorative string or ribbon through it. Tie the string or ribbon around your gift, and your fun candy ornament is ready to give your gift a little extra shine!

4. 3D Balloon Gift Designs

You'll Need:

  • craft glue
  • balloon
  • googly eyes
  • marker

Here's How:

4.1 Glue a deflated balloon onto a card or gift box, then glue 1 googly eye to the body of the balloon so that it looks like a fish or whale. Fold the opening of the balloon up and glue it in place to make the tail. Draw waves and the sun on the wrapping paper or card, and you have a cute & easy way to wrap a gift for a kid!

4.2 Glue a deflated balloon with the opening facing downwards on a card or gift box, then glue 2 googly eyes to the body of the balloon. Draw elephant ears and a body around the balloon with a marker, and you'll have a gift that your loved one will never forget!

5. 3D Dandelion

You'll Need:

  • small styrofoam ball
  • craft glue
  • cotton swabs
  • colorful straw

Here's How:

5.1 Cut the styrofoam ball in half and glue it to the gift.

5.2 Cut the padded ends off of 1 side of several cotton swabs. Insert the cut ends of the cotton swabs into the styrofoam ball that you glued to the gift box.

5.3 Glue a colorful straw to the wrapping paper beneath the styrofoam ball to make the stem, and all of your friend and family members' wishes will come true!

6. Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

You'll Need:

  • square silk scarf

Here's How:

6.1 Tie 2 opposite ends of the scarf together in a knot on top of the gift. Tie the other 2 ends on top of the first knot so that you're left with 4 corners again.

6.2 Tie the corners together again and flip out the scarf so that it looks like a flower.

7. Sweet Strawberry Gift Box

You'll Need:

  • red card stock
  • green card stock
  • black card stock
  • craft glue

Here's How:

7.1 Cut red card stock into a square, then fold it in half twice.

7.2 Fold the red card stock into a box with a hinged lid, as shown in the video.

7.3 Cut a stem out of green card stock.

7.4 Cut small ovals out of the black card stock to make the seeds of the strawberry, then glue them onto the red box.

7.5 Put your gift inside the box, close the lid, and glue the green stem on top.

8. Simple Cardboard Gift Pocket

You'll Need:

  • empty toilet paper roll
  • craft glue
  • wrapping paper

Here's How:

8.1 Press down on the empty toilet paper roll to flatten it, then bend 1 end inwards so that the roll is closed at 1 end.

8.2 Wrap a strip of wrapping paper around the folded toilet paper roll and glue it in place.

8.3 Slide the present into the gift pocket and fold down the open end so that it's shut.

Making your gifts stand out doesn't have to take a ton of time, and it definitely doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Show your loved ones you care this holiday season with these amazing gift wrapping techniques. 'Tis the season for giving amazing gifts!


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