8 Super Simple Home Gardening Hacks

The practice of growing plants in a very limited space has been gaining popularity in the past few years and now has tons of enthusiasts in cities all around the world. There's plenty of reasons why getting into urban gardening is a good idea: growing your own fruit and veggies means that you get to control what they are and aren't exposed to, your grocery bills will thank you, and it's a really rewarding project that will turn anyone's thumb green in no time. If you've been meaning to give it a shot, look no further because we have 8 super simple home gardening hacks to help you grow everything from flowers to cilantro and even carrots!

1. Flowers From Tea Bags

You'll Need:

  • tea bag
  • flower seed

Place a flower seed in a torn and used tea bag and put it in a sunny place. After only 7 days, you'll see the flower start to grow, at which point you can plant the seed in potting soil (without the tea bag).

2. Cilantro

You'll Need:

  • colander
  • paper towels
  • coriander seeds
  • spray bottle with water
  • bowl with water

Put a paper towel in a colander and spread a few coriander seeds on it. Then place another paper towel on top of the seeds and spray water on top. Fill a bowl with water and place the colander with the seeds in the bowl, so that all the seeds are fully submerged. Move the bowl and colander to a sunny place and after about 30 days, you'll be able to see the cilantro start to sprout!

3. Mango Plant

You'll Need:

  • mango seed
  • paper towel
  • spray bottle with water
  • ziplock bag

Wrap the mango seed in a paper towel and dampen it with water. Place the wrapped-up mango seed in a small ziplock bag and leave it in a warm place for 10 days. It only takes 10 days for the seed to start sprouting, at which point you can plant it.

4. Succulent Plant

You'll Need:

  • glass with water
  • plastic wrap
  • rubber band
  • knife
  • succulent leaves

You can use succulent leaves that have fallen off the plant to grow them yourself. All you need to do is fill a glass with water and wrap it in plastic wrap. Use a rubber band to make sure the plastic wrap is wrapped tightly around the glass, then make a few cuts and stick the succulent leaves in the slits. You'll be able to plant the succulent leaves after only 1 or 2 weeks.

5. Carrots

You'll Need:

  • water
  • plate
  • carrot tops

Add water to a plate and put the carrot tops in the water, wait 4-10 days, and watch the greens start to sprout. At this point, you can pot the carrots.

6. Sprouts

You'll Need:

  • plastic bottle
  • water
  • sprout seeds
  • push pin

Fill a small plastic bottle with water and add the sprout seeds. Shake the bottle, poke a few holes in the lid, pour the water out of the bottle through the holes, and place in a sunny place for about 7-10 days. As soon as the seeds start to sprout, cut open the bottle, and enjoy the sprouts on a sandwich or in a salad.

7. Flowers From A Sponge

You'll Need:

  • sponge
  • box cutter
  • flower seeds
  • spray bottle with water
  • plate
  • bowl

Score the sponge 3 times and sprinkle a few flower seeds in each slit. Spray water on the sponge, place it on a plate, and put a bowl over it to create the perfect conditions for the flower to grow and then be planted.

8. Corn

You'll Need:

  • rice
  • water
  • bowl
  • corn cob

Wash the rice and pour the used water in a bowl. Put the corn cob in the water and place it in a sunny place for about 30-50 days. As soon as the corn starts to sprout, it's ready to be planted.

Is your thumb green just yet?!


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