8 Amazing Kitchen Hacks That Will Revolutionize The Way You Cook

If you're someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, sooner or later some of your tools and techniques are going to start getting on your nerves. Annoying little problems always seem to pop up in the kitchen – everything gets so messy, drawers become disorganized, and tools and appliances stop working the way they should. A broken pan here, a small cut there, and before you know it you're getting takeout on your couch thinking about the good old times when you used to enjoy cooking. Thankfully, there's a solution to pretty much all of those pesky kitchen problems, and these 8 incredible kitchen hacks are here to help you solve them! Now the only thing you'll be cutting is your perfectly baked cake!

1. Non-Slip Cutting Board

Does your cutting board keep slipping whenever you're trying to chop something up? You can solve this pesky little problem with a super simple trick. Pull a rubber bands over each side of your cutting board and it will stay exactly where you want it to!

2. Cook Rice Perfectly

Rice is pretty simple to make as long as you've got the water to rice ratio right. There's a very easy way to make sure you don't add in too much water without having to bother with measuring cups. Pour the uncooked rice into to the pot you're going to cook it in, making sure it's distributed evenly on the bottom. Lightly rest your index finger on the surface of the rice and pour in enough water so that it reaches the first joint of your finger. Turn on the stove and your rice will cook in the perfect amount of water!

3. Separate Eggs

Separating eggs can be one of the most annoying kitchen tasks there is. More often than not, it leads to an egg yolk in the egg whites or tiny pieces of eggshell everywhere. But there's an easier way! Crack your eggs over a slotted spoon positioned over a bowl and shake the spoon gently a few times. Your eggs will be separated perfectly without the mess and hassle!

4. Make Your Pan Smaller

Sometimes you look through your cupboard and you just don't have a pan the right size for what you want to bake. If your pan is too big, all you need to do is line it with aluminum foil and fold it into the size you need. The foil divider will stay put, so you can just pour in the batter and pop that tiny cake in the oven!

5. Remove Stubborn Cake From The Mold

Another common baking challenge happens when you take a cake out of the oven and it won't come out of the mold. Rather than ruining the cake's shape or getting frustrated, fill a large mixing bowl with ice water and dip the mold in. After just a minute or two, your cake will slide out easily – just be careful not to get any water on your cake.

6. Store Knives Safely

Most kitchen drawers are a mess, and if they don't start out that way, they end up that way. A messy drawer isn't the end of the world, unless its the drawer with all of your sharp knives in it. To safely store your loose knives and avoid getting cut, use scissors to cut some paper straws lengthwise and slide them over the sharp edges of your knives. Now your knives will be covered, keeping your fingers safe and your knives sharp!

7. Sharpen Your Grater

If your grater has gotten dull, flip over a coffee mug and push the grater gently over its base. Your grater will be sharp again in no time!

8. Quick & Easy Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes are delicious, but they can take a pretty long time to cook. Instead of waiting for them to bake, cut your sweet potatoes into thin slices and pop them in the toaster for quick & easy sweet potato chips!

With these 8 kitchen tricks, you can get yourself back to the kitchen and start enjoy meal preparation again. Quick snacks, safe techniques, and more effective kitchen tools and appliances – it's like all of the downsides to cooking have just vanished into thin air! 

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