8 Terrific Tips & Tricks For The Kitchen

If you're someone with a busy schedule, then bringing your cooking to the next level might seem like a close to impossible task. If you don't have the time or energy to experiment with different cooking techniques or ingredients, then preparing meals can get repetitive and can become a real hassle. The first step to getting creative in the kitchen again is finding ways to save time and eliminate food waste. And we've come up with 8 tips & tricks that will help you do just that! Say goodbye to messy spills and waste, get rid of inefficient cooking techniques, save time on cleanup, and learn some fun ways to serve your food. You'll be cooking up a storm in no time!

1. Cake Cones

Everyone loves a good cake, but sometimes cutting it into slices gets messy and can take a long time. Instead of serving cake in the traditional way, try serving cake cones at your next special occasion. Guests can just press their ice cream cone directly into the cake to break off a piece. Everyone gets to serve themselves and have fun doing it!

2. Open Pasta Packages

Have you ever tried to open a package of spaghetti, only to have it fly all over the place and make a huge mess? You can avoid all of that annoying cleanup with a simple trick! Hold the spaghetti package up vertically on your work surface, then lift it up and hit the bottom on the countertop. The package will magically open at the top by itself, and your pasta will stay inside the open package. 

3. Pour Packaged Sauces

Fast food restaurants usually include small packages filled with ketchup or mustard with your meal, but it can be difficult to use those sauces if you're on the go and don't have the proper utensils. Instead of pouring the sauce everywhere and making a mess, poke a small hole in the packaging with a toothpick and pour it evenly over your food. Just make sure you have some toothpicks handy when you go on your next road trip!

4. Egg Cooking Hack

Hard-boiling multiple eggs at once usually leads to the eggs to bumping into each other in the pot and cracking. But there's an easier way! Place your eggs on an oven rack and bake them in the oven at 400°F for 10 minutes. Once they're done cooking, you'll be able to peel and serve them as easy as can be!

5. Steam Vegetables

Is your kitchen missing a steamer basket? No problem! All you need to do is tie 4 chopsticks together and place them over a pot of boiling water. Position a bowl on top of the chopsticks, then place the vegetables in it. Let them steam for about 7 minutes, then you'll have a quick, easy, and healthy dish that's ready to eat!

6. Flip An Omelet

Flipping an omelet might seem tricky, but it's easier to do than you might think! Instead of struggling with your spatula, try sliding the omelet onto the lid for the frying pan. Put the lid back on top of the frying pan with the cooked side of the omelet facing down, and it will be ready in just a few minutes!

7. Pour Milk

Sometimes milk splatters all over the place when you pour it out of the container, making a huge mess. Instead of pouring it directly onto your cereal, pour it over the back of a spoon. The milk will stay in the bowl, saving you time on breakfast cleanup!

8. Use Your Cheese Grater Efficiently

Grating cheese or vegetables can be a redundant task. If it seems like it's taking ages, try brushing some cooking oil over the surface of your cheese grater. A thin layer of cooking oil makes a world of difference, both when you're grating the food and for the cleanup.

Sometimes the solutions to your problems are more obvious than you might think. With these amazing tips & tricks, problems in the kitchen don't stand a chance!


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