8 Tips That Will Have You Losing Weight Without Having To Diet

We get it — it really is tough trying to lose those extra pounds. You feel you need to do without all the good (i.e. tasty) things in life and hit the gym several times a week. What a drag! However, it really shouldn't be that way. Losing weight simply involves taking in fewer calories than your body burns, and a number of minor adjustments should do the trick. So if you want to shed those pounds without having to think about it too much, we recommend following these tips...

1. Don't Finish Your Plate When Full

Do you feel you need to finish your meal out of politeness even though you were already full half way through? Well, it's best to avoid doing so in the future. As well as leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling in your belly, continuing to eat means you're merely taking on unnecessary calories. Instead, we recommend saving any leftovers for later. Depending on the dish, this could save you up to 500 calories!


2. Switch From Soft Drinks To Water

Soft drinks such as lemonade, cola and juices are often packed full of calories. For example, a small glass of cola contains 100 calories, accounted for mainly by the high sugar content. Luckily, there's a natural, calorie-free alternative out there: water! Add a few slices of lemon or lime for a great taste and watch the weight fly off. This combo also quenches your thirst more quickly than any sugary soft drinks.

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3. Bring Your Own Snacks

If you're often on the go, you should try preparing your own healthy snacks at home and bringing them along with you. If you're peckish, you can opt for something wholesome instead of buying doughnuts or getting a candy bar from the machine. We recommend fruit, protein bars or rice cakes for a quick pick-me-up. As well as filling you up, these snacks contain much fewer calories than snacks you find in vending machines.


4. Swap Bananas For Apples

Can't get enough fruit? Unfortunately you can! While bananas are tasty to snack on, they are actually fairly high in calories compared to other fruits. Instead, you may want to switch to apples for a quick energy boost. A banana contains around 90 calories, while an apple measures in at about 50 calories — quite the saving over time!

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5. Reduce Sauces & Dressings

Even sauces and dressings can be real calorie bombs. If you drown your salad in French dressing, you're practically doubling its calorie content. Around 3 fl oz of dressing equates to 300 calories, give or take. That's why it's best to enjoy sauces or yogurt dressings in moderation or replace them with low-calorie alternatives such as balsamic.

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6. Don't Eat In Front Of The TV

Studies have shown that people who eat in front of the TV or computer consume on average 290 calories more than people who have dinner at the table. There are various theories as to why this is the case. One reason could be that people are more concentrated on watching the show than chewing on their food. Yet chewing more thoroughly releases enzymes that break down carbohydrates and fats. This helps the sugar and fat molecules enter your bloodstream more quickly, meaning you feel full much sooner.

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7. Keep Moving

Whether you're sitting at the desk, doing the ironing or cooking dinner, try to keep moving so that you can burn as many calories as possible. It really needn't be a full blown workout, either. Simply bobbing up and down on your feet or moving your hips to some music is more than enough. If you incorporate these movements into your daily routine, you'll end up burning 300 calories more than people who just sit still.


8. Serve Food On Smaller Plates

The size of the plate plays an important roll in how much you eat. So to trick your brain, you should experiment with serving your food on smaller plates in the future. The smaller surface makes the same sized portion appear much larger, meaning your brain sends signals for feeling full much sooner.

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If you want to be fit and in good health, you should try to reach and stick to a normal weight. While the most effective way is to eat healthily and do sports, the small changes listed above can really do wonders to help you along the way. Good luck!


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