9 Fun & Crazy Things You Can Do With An Iron

If you thought ironing was limited to clothes, then you're in for a fun surprise! Here are nine other home uses for the iron, none of which involve smoothing out wrinkles!

1. Stove

Place the iron with the metal plate facing up. As seen in the video, the iron was placed in a large basket to keep it steady. Try and place your iron in something similar so as to keep it from moving. Heat the iron to the maximum temperature and place a small frying pan on it. Now you can cook just like you would on a stove.

2. Seal Bags

Have you ever eaten half a bag of gummies, rolled up the bag, and returned a few days later to discover that the sweets had dried out? Never again! Now you can seal your candy bags shut and ensure the treats always stay fresh. To do so, simply fold a piece of aluminum foil over the opened part of the bag and iron on the medium setting for five seconds.

3. Remove Wax

Wax stains are not only annoying but also persistent once they have dried and hardened. But to remove them effortlessly, all you have to do is place a paper towel over the wax stain and run an iron over it. The heat of the iron causes the dried wax stain to melt, and you can then easily wipe it off with the same paper towel. This trick also works with a hair dryer.

4. Laminate Photos

To laminate photos without a laminating machine, all you need to do is place some laminating paper on the front and back side of the picture you want to laminate. Put a piece of printer paper on top of the picture and iron over it on medium heat for one minute.

5. Cook a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

To make a toasted sandwich with melted cheese, layer slices of cheese between two slices of bread and fold a sheet of tin foil over the sandwich. Iron the foil-covered sandwich on both sides for two minutes at the highest temperature.

6. Make Jewelry

To make a piece of jewelry, first cut out a circular strip from the middle of a 1 or 2L plastic bottle. Iron the plastic ring on both sides for one minute on the medium setting. Now you only have to cut the plastic bangle in one spot so that you can put it around your wrist as a bracelet.

7. Remove Pressure Marks in the Carpet

Unfortunately, after some time, furniture will leave pressure points in the carpet. But thanks to the iron, you can easily remove the spots and rearrange the furniture as often as you like. Just put a cloth towel on the indentation and iron for ten seconds on the highest setting.

8. Remove Stickers

Have you ever bought something, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't get that stubborn price tag off the packaging? How annoying! To remove any kind of unwanted stickers, including price tags, simply put a piece of paper over the sticker run an iron on the medium setting over it for five seconds. Now the sticker can easily be peeled off.

9. Clean the Iron

After so many tips on what the iron can be used for, here's a tip on how to get it clean after all these tricks! Mix some toothpaste, a teaspoon of baking soda, and some vinegar together. Dip a sponge into the solution and wipe the metal plate clean. Finally, rub it dry and your iron will look brand spanking new once again!

Who would have ever guessed that there were so many practical uses for a common household appliance? One device, many ideas! 


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