9 Simple Life Hacks For Everyday Situations

You've undoubtedly seen all kinds of nifty tips & tricks for complicated things and sporadic happenings, but what about the simple everyday things? Ask and you shall receive! These 9 life hacks for everyday situations are so simple, yet so brilliant – you'll kick yourself for going this long without these solutions in your life!

1. Stop a Pot From Boiling Over

To prevent the liquid in a pot from boiling over, lay a wooden spoon across the pot. This will cause the bubbles to burst and stop them rising above the spoon.

2. Core Vegetables

You don't like doing unnecessary work? Then these two simple tricks are for you! What the chef does with the lettuce seems intuitively wrong, but it works wonderfully. And honestly, it's a lot of fun too. If you want to make things a little easier for the people in your life (especially the salad lovers), share these handy tricks with them! Learn more here.

3. Genius Packing Hack

Packing can sometimes be the most stressful part of traveling because it can be so hard to do in an organized fashion. With this little trick, you can pack all you need for an overnight stay in a nice and neat bundle. Those who enjoy traveling will love this trick – never was a bag so organized! Learn more here.

4. Homemade Black Light

Every few weeks during the winter, there are news reports about outbreaks of the flu around the world. In most cases, lack of hygiene and germs are the reason behind it. The problem is that the little mites can't be seen by the naked eye – instead you'll need a microscope. But your cellphone can bring a little light to the situation... in the truest sense of the word! Learn more here.

5. DIY Laundry Folding Board

Folding clean clothes isn't just annoying. It also takes time, which may be why a lot of us... don't bother. But to feel more grown up, and tame the tornado in your wardrobe, all you may need is this incredibly nifty little folding board. It doesn't just keep your closet looking tip top, it'll save you so much space and you'll finally be able to put your inner slovenly college freshman to bed. Learn more here.

6. Keep Your Chips Fresh Longer

A cozy evening at home on the couch with a good film — sometimes life is really great! And a handful of chips makes the enjoyment perfect. But what do you do with the open bag, especially when scarfing down the entire packet isn't always the best option? Here we show you how to keep your chips fresh and crisp, just how they belong. And without any extra resources! Learn more here.

7. Cut Peppers Like a Pro

To easily remove a pepper core, first cut off the top and bottom of the bell pepper. Then make a vertical incision down one side of the pepper, and cut the core as you slide the knife along the remaining pepper strip.

8. Creative Shoelace Styles

When it comes to shoes, we usually accept the ones we have for what they are. The color and style of certain pairs might not appeal to us as much as the day we bought them, but we just keep on wearing them anyway. However, if you're interested in spicing up your footwear and catching a few appreciative glances, here's the perfect way to do it. A few twists and pulls of the laces is all it takes to create a whole new look, and maybe you'll come up with a lacing style of your own. One thing's for sure: with these cool designs, you'll be turning some heads!

9. Japanese Math Trick

At school, math was either something you really loved or absolutely hated. It was all Greek to most of us and these days, we're happy just to punch the numbers into a calculator. But thanks to this clever old trick from Japan, you can multiply large numbers together without needing any technical help. Learn more here

There easy tips are perfect for everyday situations – so perfect in fact, you'll probably find yourself using them all the time from here on out!


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