9 Creative & Decorative Photo Projects To Make For Your Family and Friends

Photos make a wonderful gift, but instead of just slapping together a traditional photo album or putting a picture inside of a boring picture frame, there are so many other ways to get creative with the process. Here are 9 customizable and personalized gift ideas for you and the whole family to try out.

1. Unique Wood Prints

For weeks, that empty space on the wall in your living room has been staring you down and you still have no idea what you want to put there. Sure, you can just buy a run-of-the-mill picture at the next shop or hang up the pictures you took on your last vacation in a boring photo frame. Or you can make a truly one-of-a-kind picture in just a few simple steps. Get the full instructions here.

2. Spooky Decoration

Damp mist is wafting across the fields. Crows caw ominously on creaky branches, whose dried leaves trickle quietly to the ground. The darkest time of year is approaching, and its steps are menacing and swift. Nobody can escape, so you may as well make the best of it. Have you considered a wild Halloween party? This spooky decorating idea will have everyone shrieking in horror! Get the full instructions here.

3. Fun Egg Trick

Apart from eating chocolate eggs at Easter, other egg-cellent traditions include decorating and hiding the eggs. But why should it be limited to just Easter? After all, you can eat, decorate, and hide them all year round and they're just so cute to look at, especially when they have the faces of your loved ones plastered on them. Get the full instructions here.

4. DIY Photo Cube

Slowly but surely, CDs are becoming a thing of the past as digital downloads and USB sticks become the norm. So this raises the question: What should we do with old CDs and their cases? Recycle them of course, but in a creative way! Get the full instructions here.

5. Personalized Photo Candle

If you're looking for the perfect homemade present, this could be just the thing! In a few simple steps, you can turn a normal candle into something truly special. There's no better way to show that special someone how much you care. Get the full instructions here.

6. Picture Collage Table

Usually we hang our favorite photographs on the wall, but that's not the only place where they'll look good. A brilliant place to display some of your best memories is a customized coffee table with a homemade tabletop. Get the full instructions here.

7. Homemade Photo Magnets

Just because the weather outside is gloomy, doesn’t mean the mood inside has to be as well. Parents can easily brighten up their little ones’ days and make something extraordinary in the process! What could be better than spending hours of creative time together and seeing your kids' eyes light up as they proudly display the results of their hard work? Get the full instructions here.

8. 2 in 1 Picture

It's all a matter of perspective — is the glass half full or half empty? The picture seen here also plays off this concept — depending on the angle, you see either a young woman or a little girl. Learn how to make your own two-sided picture so you can impress your friends with this nifty optical illusion, and it also makes for a great homemade gift! Get the full instructions here.

9. Customized Face Cake

How often are you left really wanting to make personal homemade gifts, but you can't think of anything? Well, with this cake recipe, we have the perfect solution to a very common problem. If you have the right photo to hand and don't mind doing a little crafting with your cooking, this dreamy cream cake with its cocoa decoration is exactly what you're looking for! Get the full instructions here.

If you enjoy arts and crafts projects, then you're guaranteed to find something you love among these great gift ideas! Now the hardest part will be picking which one to make first!


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