9 Simple DIY Grilling Hacks To Try This Summer

Summer time is barbecue time! When the sun is shining, there's nothing better than enjoying a cozy BBQ at home in the garden. To make sure everything runs smoothly, check out these 9 helpful tips for grilling, just in case you hit a snag along the way.

1. DIY Lighter Fluid

If you run out of lighter fluid, tortilla chips, Doritos, or other high-fat potato chips work in a pinch and make for a quick fix. Just evenly distribute them over the coals, and light them up — the greasier the chips, the better they'll burn. Once the chips have ignited the coals, you can continue flaming the open fire.

2. Herbal Aroma

Instead of investing a lot of time and effort into marinating the meat with herbs, you can also apply the herbs directly to the charcoal to add some extra flavor to your grill party.

3. Stick-Free Grate

Grilled chicken is great, but not when the meat sticks to the grill grate. To avoid this rookie grilling mistake, cut a potato in half and rub it on the grill. The starches will ensure that meat no longer sticks to the metal.

4. DIY Grill

If you don't own a grill, yet still love that grilled taste of food, you're in luck, because making your own grill is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

You'll Need:

  • empty can
  • scissors
  • aluminum foil
  • small grate or rack

Here's How:

a) Cut several vertical strips into the can to the bottom of the ribbed edges, but stopping short of the bottom of the can. 

b) Bend the strips backwards, away from the can, so that each strip forms an L shape, as shown in the video. 

c) Place the aluminum foil inside the can and wrap it around the spaced-out metal strips. The end result should be a kind of shell with a base.

d) Finally, light the coals in the homemade grill and place a grate on top so you can roast your meat.

5. Keep Food Warm

If you already barbecued the food and need to keep it warm for later, you can easily make your own warming tray. Just arrange three empty cans on in the shape of a triangle on the grill and place a small grate on top. Laying the cooked food on top of the grate will ensure that it stays warm, but doesn't continue to cook.

6. Reusable Skewers

As tasty as shish kabob may be, the wooden skewers can be a bit unappetizing after sitting on the grill for too long. To ensure that only the food and not the wood is cooked through, place the skewers in a dish and pour water over them before using, then the food will easily slide off and they will still look brand new.

7. Mess-Free Condiments

If you don't have enough space on the picnic table for all the bottles of ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, and whatever other sauces you want to treat your guests to, just pour them in a clean muffin pan and place directly on the table. This also works well for pickle chips, sliced tomatoes, diced onions, and any other toppings you want to serve. 

8. Flame a Fire

All you need to start your own fire is two large plastic bottles. Cut the bottom of the first bottle and remove the lid. By sliding the second bottle into the first bottle, you can create a flow of air by pushing back and forth, which will help to flame the fire.

9. Grill Fish

As seen in Hack #3, it's not just poultry that can stick to the grill grate. To prevent this from happening to your lovely piece of salmon, lay down a few slices of lemon or lime on the grate, and place the piece of fish on top. Not only will cleaning up be that much easier, but your salmon will also have a lovely citrus-infused flavor.

Now nothing can stand in the way of your perfect BBQ! If you want to keep the party going and try your hand at hosting an indoor event later on, try these 15 Pro Cooking Tricks For The Kitchen.


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