9 Unique & Beautiful Life Hacks For Your Home

When is a house a home? When you make it your own unique and welcoming space! Turn your "blah" abode into a place you truly want to be with these 9 amazing home hacks that will make you never want to leave your cozy dwelling again.

1. Flower Arrangements

Flowers brighten up any home, especially when they're arranged in an attractive way. And lucky for you, we have three excellent ideas for adding some extra decoration to your home with flowers. Get the full instructions here.

2. Homemade Spice Rack

The right combination of spices is the key to a good meal. However, finding a way to stylishly store 100 different containers and baggies in your kitchen is a different issue. But worry no more, because this handy homemade spice rack allows you to store your spices in a decorative and super convenient way.

3. DIY Planter Table

Everybody knows the small, square side table sold at IKEA. As chic and inexpensive as that table may be, it's also endlessly dull. But this can easily be changed in just four steps, using a little plastic wrap and soil, and you'll have your own beautiful planter table in no time! Because after all, why should your green thumb be restricted to the garden outside?

4. Custom Tote Bag

A lot of us have a plastic bag stuffed with other plastic bags, tucked away in a closet somewhere. You can usually just reuse or recycle them, but you'd be better off taking the particularly colorful bags out of the heap and saving them, because they can transform into something truly special. Get the full instructions here.

5. Color Coded Keys

Each key looks the same as the last one... and the next one, for that matter. If you have a lot of different keys that all look the same and it takes you forever to find the right one, just color code your keys by painting each one a different color with nail polish. Easy, breezy, beautiful.

6. Reusable Food Wrap

Did you know that plastic food wrap contains harmful substances that can find their way into food? Despite the dangers, you'll probably continue using plastic food wrapping as it's so useful. That's why we've come up with a safe, reusable alternative — and all you'll need is a candle, a cheese grater, and an iron.

7. DIY Dog Bed

Just like us, our four-legged friends love a snug little bed to snuggle up in. And since there's no one who loves us so unconditionally, gives friendlier (if sloppy) kisses, or spends a lifetime being thrilled that we're home, don't you think Rover deserves the best when it comes to bedtime? You'll actually love how easy it is to make your very own DIY dog bed.

8. Personalized Photo Candle

If you're looking for the perfect homemade present, this could be just the thing! In a few simple steps, you can turn a normal candle into something truly special. There's no better way to show that special someone how much you care. Get the full instructions here.

9. Customized Cutting Board

Etching or engraving the name of a friend or family member onto a chopping board is a great way to craft a unique gift, without a lot of effort. All you need is a wooden board and a laser! What, you don't have a laser at home? No worries, you won't need to break into a lab and steal one, because the sun is your friend. Get the full instructions here.

Now that you've added a personal touch to your home, you can think about sprucing it up with some fun photo ideas. Well, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!


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