9 Spectacular Shoe Hacks

Too tight, painful, or dangerously slippery – shoes can cause tons of uncomfortable problems. We all put our feet through a lot every day, but these 8 simple shoe hacks will take some of that pressure off and help you move through life as light-footed as can be! From giving your winter boots some extra traction to stopping pesky cramping in its tracks, these tips & tricks will put you right back on your feet again. Now you can put on those dancing shoes whenever you feel like it!

1. Extra Grip For Slippery Shoes

Some shoes and boots just don't have enough traction. And shoes that leave you slipping and sliding all over the place can be super dangerous! Instead of tossing that questionable pair in the trash, you can add some extra grip by stapling the soles of both shoes. Now you'll be able to walk on slippery surfaces without a care in the world! 

2. Prevent Sweaty Feet

Wearing shoes like high heels barefoot often leads to uncomfortably sweaty feet. But if you spray the inside of your shoes with dry shampoo before putting them on, you won't have to deal with the discomfort of wet feet!

3. Decorate Damaged Heels

A little distraction on an escalator or some stairs, and suddenly your new heels are covered with annoying scratches and imperfections. Rather than getting upset, take it as the perfect opportunity to give your heels a little makeover! Brush some craft glue over the section of the heels that's scratched, then sprinkle some glitter on top. Your shoes will look as good as new – or even better!

4. Break In New Shoes

Breaking in new shoes or wearing shoes that you've outgrown can be super painful. Instead of throwing in the towel and getting rid of them or subjecting yourself to the pain of breaking them in, try this trick! Fill 2 resealable plastic bags with water, seal them up, and put them inside your shoes. Put your shoes in the freezer and let them sit there overnight. The slow expansion of the water during the freezing process will add some space in your shoes without damaging them.

5. Open-Toe Shoe Hack

When you wear open-toe heels or wedges, sometimes your toes can slide out the front of the shoe and end up sticking out too far in the front. It doesn't look good, it's uncomfortable, and it might even make you stub a toe! To keep your toes where they should be, add some extra grip by sticking a bandage towards the heel of the insole. Now your cute heels or wedges will look like they're supposed to while you're wearing them!

6. Fix Slippery High Heels

Everyone knows that high heels can really elevate any kind of outfit. But heels can also be uncomfortable and extremely slippery when you're walking on smooth surfaces like tile or wood. Luckily, there's a way for you to rock those high heels while still avoiding taking an unexpected fall. Sand the sole of your heels with sandpaper to give them some extra traction, and you'll be good to go!

7. Stop Cramping From High Heels

As great as high heels may look, they can be a real pain for your feet. Aside from giving you blisters, they can also cramp up your toes and feet when they're worn for long periods of time, and that hurts! To stop cramping dead in its tracks, wrap some medical tape or bandages around your middle and fourth toes, tying them together. Your feet will be more stable, plus your toes will have a little more space inside the shoe!

8. Clean Up White Shoes

White sneakers look great, but only if they stay white. Getting them a little dirty is inevitable, but there's an easy way to get them clean again! Mix together some baking soda and dish soap, then scrub your shoes with the mixture. They'll look shiny & new again in no time!

9. Repair The Heel Lining Of Shoes

Regularly putting a shoe on and taking it off can ruin the heel lining over time. Once your heel lining is looking a little threadbare or is gone altogether, cut a small square piece out of a pair of old jeans and sew the piece into the heel of your shoe. Now you'll be able to put your shoe on and take it off again easily, without any more nasty tears in the lining.

Shoes without enough grip, sore feet, or shoes that are too tight are all things of the past, thanks to these spectacular shoe hacks. Now you can easily walk a mile in your (or anybody else's) shoes!


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