9 Clever Ways To Store Things

Do you live in a small apartment or just want to make better use of your space? Then you need these 9 genius tips & tricks in your life! Not only do these DIY projects look great thanks to their unique customized design, but they're just so darn practical – now your home will look stylish and have a bunch more room!

1. Cell Phone Holder

Most electrical outlets are located very low on the wall, which can make it difficult to find a place to put your cell phone when it's charging. Leaving an expensive phone on the floor where it might get stepped on or someone might trip over the cable is never a good idea. But there is a very simple solution to this problem and you can make it yourself. All you need is an empty shampoo bottle. Learn more here.

2. Homemade Wooden Coat Rack

Don't you hate not having a place to hang your things when you walk in the front door? This cozy idea will help you stave off boredom and create something practical at the same time. You can't help but admire something you've made with your own hands, and what's more, it's something sustainable you can use too! Learn more here.

3. Fun Toothbrush Holder

There are lots of things around the house that need something to hang them on: towels, keys, oven mitts, and so on. Most often we use hooks, but there are other less predictable options. Instead of hanging a bland plastic hook on the wall, why not make your own funny-face holder? They're fun to look at, and in some cases work much better than hooks! Learn more here.

4. – 6. Upcycled Can Deco

You can try all you want, but it's pretty hard to avoid trash. It's just part of most households, unfortunately. There are, however, those items that you don't just have to throw away – you can actually re-use, transform, or "upcycle" them, if only you know how. Tin cans are a perfect example. There are so many ways to make use of them after you clean them out and dry them off! Learn more here.

7. Paw Print Art Key Rack

Maybe you've been on the lookout for a good-value set of key hooks for the front entrance to your home. The following idea is both practical and decorative, giving your reception area a splash of color and a personal touch. And of course, it doesn't just have to be a place to hang your keys — you can use it for anything you need in your daily life. Learn more here.

8. Recycled Bottle Uses

Remember the days when we used to throw absolutely everything in the garbage and it ended up in a landfill? Plastic bottles are a good example of a recyclable item, and throwing them in the recycling bin instead of the trash really does help the environment. But why not do the recycling part at home and save all the extra work and energy? You can start with these 5 nifty ways to reuse plastic bottles at home! Learn more here.

9. DIY Shelf Unit

As beautiful and simple as ready-made shelves from furniture or DIY stores can be, they often come with the disadvantage that you can't flexibly arrange them. In most cases, you can't even change the distance between the shelves. In contrast, we're going to show you how to build and customize the following set of shelves to meet your needs at home. Learn more here.

With these 9 clever DIY projects, now everything in your home can have its own place!


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