10 Wonderfully Creative Alternative Uses For Wine

In vino veritas — In wine lies the truth. Yet beyond loosening the tongue, wine has a whole host of other uses you may not have been aware of. Whether as a cleaning aid, dye or beauty product, wine can fulfil a range of useful functions that have nothing to do with drinking the stuff. So here are 10 wonderfully creative ideas you can try with any leftover wine from the night before...

1. Softer Skin

When applied topically, wine helps to make your skin softer. To reap the benefits, you can dab some wine onto a cotton pad and use it as a face lotion, mix it into a face mask or add it to your bath. The antioxidants contained in wine make your skin more toned, elastic and smooth. You can even add some wine to a foot bath for the same effect on your feet.

2. Wine Watercolor

Everyone knows that red wine stains are difficult to get out. So why shouldn't we put its coloring power to good use? Wine works very well as a watercolor when painting pictures, for example. The trick is that wine changes its color as it dries, so you can watch your picture transform while painting it!


3. Red Highlights

If you have dark hair, you can add subtle red highlights using small amounts of wine. If you want the dye to last for longer, mix the red wine with a little cocoa powder to create a paste. Apply the paste to your hair and leave for about 15 minutes. Next, wash your hair as usual. If you want a more intensive color, mix the wine with a little henna powder, cider vinegar, olive oil and ground coffee. 


4. Washing Fruit

Leftover red wine can be used to wash fruit. It contains resveratol, a plant compound that helps to eradicate salmonella and E. coli bacteria responsible for food poisoning. Cherries that have been washed in wine also taste much better if you add them to a cake!

5. Removing Oil Stains

Use leftover white wine to remove any oil or grease stains from the floor of your garage, drive or cellar. Both the alcohol and the acidic nature of the wine help to get rid of the stains for good.


6. Disinfecting The Kitchen

Scientists from Oregon State University have been working on developing a natural disinfectant using wine. As well as eliminating salmonella and E. coli bacteria, white wine is also good at fighting Staphylococcus aureaus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae, all of which can cause illness. The researchers also discovered that white wine can be used to kill various bugs. In addition, the alcohol contained in the wine ensures that your kitchen will be clean. It's best to use a dry white wine, as its low sugar content means surfaces won't be left sticky. Just be aware that you should never use wine on granite, as the acid will cause damage to the surface.

7. Dying Clothes

Clothes that have been ruined by stains needn't be thrown away. Instead, you can upcycle them with red wine! Simply heat up a sufficient amount of red wine in a pot and add the item of clothing. For an eye-catching look, you can also roll up the clothes beforehand and attach elastic bands. This creates a tie dye effect.


8. Charging Empty Car Batteries

If you're having trouble with your car battery, a little red wine might help to charge it back up. The acid in wine allows the electrons to flow freely between the negative and positive terminals, creating enough energy to start the car. You can see how it works by watching this video.


9. Marinating Meat

Leftover wine can be used to marinate meat. All you need to do is place the meat in a resealable bag or bowl, add red wine and leave everything for several hours. When grilled or fried, the meat will be juicy and tender. Since the alcohol vaporizes when heated up, children can also eat the meat. As well as providing extra flavor, research shows that wine can help reduce the number of carcinogenic compounds in meat. You should marinate the meat for at least 6 hours to eliminate up to 90% of the cancer-forming chemicals.

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1o. Catching Fruit Flies

There aren't many things that are more tempting than a glass of wine for fruit flies. And you can use this to your advantage to get rid of those pesky bugs for good. First, pour some wine into a bowl and cover it with plastic food wrap. Next, make several holes in the food wrap, so that the small flies can get in, but won't be able to escape.

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As you can see, wine has may more use than just for drinking. We're sure you'll no longer be throwing away any leftover wine after seeing these tricks — most of the above also work just as well with wine that has gone a little sour. 


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