15 People With Extraordinary Physical Features

Our genome is made up of many thousands of different genes which can sometimes come up in the most surprising combinations. For example, red hair can occasionally skip several generations before reappearing in a family. Alternatively, a completely new eye color may show up in a newborn, even though it had never been present in any previous relatives. The following people listed have some really quite spectacular physical features that are a result of a recessive gene or mutation. Each one of them is more than happy to show off their natural uniqueness to the world... 

1. "I have a unique sister: she has red hair and heterochromia. A masterpiece of genetic art."


2. Father and son. I wonder if he'll follow in his dad's footsteps once he can grow facial hair?


3. This guy has patches of white on his eyebrow, eyelash and beard due to an inherent pigment disorder.


4. Like mother, like son.

5. Nobody believes them when they say they are twins.

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6. "Many people think that my eyes are with lenses or that it's Photoshop..."

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7. "...and then I show them my childhood photo with Mom."

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8. "My friends match each other perfectly!"


9. "All our family members have red hair! Except for my granny and aunt."


10. "We are the largest albino family in the world, and we are proud of it."


11. "I am half Asian and half European, but I have red hair. How do you like the mixture?"

12. "I am not an albino, and I am not a Melanesian. I am a light-eyed, light-haired, and dark-skinned person. I do exist."


13. "Our father is European, and our mom is from Argentina. My sister has light hair and blue eyes, and I have dark skin. Everyone teases us."

14. "My twin brother is an Irishman, but I am not."

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15. A very rare combination of genes.

This list shows how diverse the human race is. As these awesome people show, it's important to embrace who we are and have absolutely no shame in it — each and every one of us is unique! :-) 




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