DIY Paw Print Key Hook For Every Pet Lover


Maybe you've been on the lookout for a good-value set of key hooks AND have been searching for the perfect way to pay homage to your loyal pet. The following idea is both practical and decorative, giving your reception area a splash of color and a personal touch! And of course, it doesn't just have to be a place to hang your keys — you can use it for anything you need in your daily life.

You'll Need:

  • wooden board (ideally 12 in x 12 in)
  • hammer
  • pack of roofing nails
  • cotton (in 2 colors)
  • 3 clothes hooks with screws
  • screwdriver

Here's How:

1. In our example, the wooden board that forms the base is square, 12 in x 12 in. To begin, hammer the nails into the wood in a pattern. We've gone for a dog's paw print, because later we're going to use the board as a place to hang all the accessories for our pet pooch. Take care not to hammer the nails all the way into the board, because you still have to weave the cotton around them.

2. Then take the first ball of cotton and knot one end around one nail. Then, little by little, weave the cotton in and out of the nails and criss-cross in between them. To create an attractive color contrast, use a different color of cotton in one section of the picture.

3. Stick or screw the clothes hooks along the lower side of the board — and then your useful, but decorative, board is finished. When it comes to the color and design, let your imagination run wild.

Have fun making this practical, eye-catching piece. It'll brighten up your home, and they can make great gifts too!


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