Firm makes works of art from human ashes

The grief experienced when a loved one passes away is indescribable. That's why a firm based in Seattle came up with an idea for comforting friends and family that quite literally gives them something to hold on to.

Artful Ashes creates glass orbs and hearts using people's ashes after cremation. The firm's clients say the works of art go some way to easing the pain of losing someone. Indeed, grievers who have already used this unconventional service say they find it easier to deal with their loss when they still have their loved ones with them in some form.

This new form of art is causing quite the stir — the glass creations are being ordered by thousands of grievers across the United States. Some families who live near Seattle even come to the studio to see how they're manufactured. Relatives are also invited to help make them. 

With each work being custom made, relatives need to let the firm know what size, shape, and color(s) they'd like to have. Each piece costs around $150. All of the products have a signature touch in that they're created with a whirlwind design using the ash and colors.

Since only about a teaspoon of ashes is needed for each orb, the firm can provide the deceased's entire family and friends with a memorial. 

Some of the sculptures even feature lighting as a way to reinforce the symbolic meaning of the piece.

Artful Ashes' glass and ash creations are certainly a unique way to remember a loved one. Though unconventional, these works can only be a good thing if they provide some comfort for people who've recently lost someone. 




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