Get Your Baby To Fall Asleep In 3 Simple Steps Using Just A Towel

Getting your baby to fall asleep can sometimes be a nightmare, especially for young and inexperienced parents. Sometimes it's simply not enough to sing them soothing lullabies or rock them to sleep in your arms. Luckily a nurse from Vietnam is on top of this. The medical professional posted a video on her Facebook page showing how to make babies fall asleep right away in just three easy steps.

Facebook/Ánh Tít

The video has already been viewed over 18 million times. Surprisingly, the only thing needed for the nurse's trick is a big towel.

Step 1

First off, roll up the towel lengthways to form a long rope and make sure the baby is wearing comfortable clothing.

Facebook/Ánh Tít

Step 2

Place the rolled-up towel between the baby's legs and lay each side of the towel on either side of the body. The child can now embrace the towel, and at the same time, the towel serves as a pillow and a way to support the baby's head.

Facebook/Ánh Tít

Step 3

Gently pat your child on the back. This will relax and soothe the baby, causing it to fall asleep immediately.

Facebook/Ánh Tít

You can watch the entire process once again here in the nurse's original video:

In order to fall asleep quickly, the child not only has to be comfortably positioned, but also feel protected. The towel allows for both because the baby is comfortable on it and feels secure thanks to the fact that it is surrounded by the towel on all sides.


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