13 Fantastic Alternative Uses For Baby Wipes

If you don't have small kids, it may be unlikely that you have baby wipes around your home. But after reading this article, you'll definitely want to stock up on some. Here's a list of 13 smart ways to use baby wipes other than for cleaning babies' bottoms.

1. Artificial Tan

If your spray tan looks uneven you can fix it with wipes. Nobody will be able to tell that your tan is not real! ;-)


2. Crayon Marks

If you get crayon marks on your rug, a little rub with a baby wipe will get rid of them instantly.


3. Blocked Nose

Baby wipes can also be used to blow your nose. They also smell much better than regular tissues.

4. Frizz

If your hair looks a little frizzy, try smoothing it down with a baby wipe. Your hair will look soft and silky in no time. 

5. Hemorrhoids

If you suffer from hemorrhoids you might want to try this simple remedy: dip the baby wipes (preferably the ones with aloe vera in them) into a little hamamelis or witch hazel water. You'll be amazed at how soothing it is!

6. Coffee Stains

Wipes are also great for removing coffee stains from fabrics. Just try it out and see!


7. Deodorant Stains

Baby wipes are also effective when it comes to removing deodorant stains on dark clothing.

8. Hair Dye Stains

If you dye your own hair, you may end up with small smears of dye on your temples or neck. The best way to remove them is to dab gently with a baby wipe. 


9. Shiny Plants

Dust the leaves of your house plants with baby wipes and they'll look extra green and shiny.

10. Leather Furniture

You can use baby wipes to clean or maintain your leather furniture.


11. At The Beach

Always bring baby wipes with you to the beach to quickly wipe away sticky sand.


12. Trash Can

There's nothing better than baby wipes for cleaning your trash cans when they don't need a more thorough wash.


13. Beat The Heat

If you are suffering in the heat, put a packet of baby wipes in the refrigerator and use them to cool down. What a relief!

As you can see, baby wipes are useful for just about anything, so make sure you always have a packet spare in your bathroom cabinet. :-)


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