Man builds a garden playground paradise for his four dogs

There are not many people who can claim to live in a luxury house. And there are even fewer dogs who find themselves in a similarly fortunate situation.

But this dream became a reality for Tessa, Mia, Cooper and Bruno; these lucky pooches have their ambitious owner Aaron Franks to thank for their stunning backyard retreat.

It took Aaron two years to construct this masterpiece for his pets. As well as exhibiting remarkable workmanship, the doggie playground contains everything his sprightly four-legged friends could ever want: swing ropes, a pirate-themed swimming pool, and of course lots of space to romp around in.

The top floor, which is basically a sun deck, belongs to Aaron. Yet this doesn't mean his dogs aren't welcome to come by to visit from time to time.

A quick saunter down the ramp brings you to the middle floor. This is where the pooches can laze around and watch what's happening below from the window — which is admittedly a large whole in the wooden wall.

There's also a space for the dogs to do their business. Here the ground is lined with stones and covered with mulch. Another great touch is the yellow fire hydrant that points the dogs in the right direction. ;-)

Commenting on the success of his construction, Aaron said, "They love it. My two older dogs lay around and hang out. For the two youngest, it's like a romp room. They go down there jumping and playing around."

The proud dog owner added that he would work on it several times a month and only when finances allowed. The wooden playhouse even features running water and electricity, giving the entire yard a particularly impressive effect at night.

Though he had no real building experience to speak of, Aaron wanted to create something that showed his love for his dogs. We'd like to think that they appreciate all the hard work!




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