4 easy tricks to make better use of your bag

Many of us carry a bag everywhere, whether a purse, backpack, briefcase, or messenger bag. It’s a must for anyone out all day who needs to have the essentials with them, not to mention everything you need for work or class. Here’s a collection of great tips for making life easier thanks to your bag: 


1. A bag in the car

A banal, practical problem: when we’re driving, we always face the awkward task of putting our bag somewhere so it won’t tumble to the floor and spill its contents, but we can reach it if we need it. 


Check out this ultimate yet simple solution: thread a scarf around the headrest of the passenger’s seat, loop it through your bag’s handles, then tie it. That bag isn't going anywhere. Yet it's easy as pie to undo it all when you've arrived where you're going.


This video includes a demonstration: 

2. Interior bag lighting

How many times have you been searching in your bag for something, but it’s too dark to find what you need? Unless the bag’s interior is organized like a Fortune 500 company (i.e. really effectively) chances are you even have to dig around a bit in broad daylight to find that set of keys or Kindle or compact you’re looking for. 


There’s actually a really easy trick that will help you find your way through the deepest, darkest reaches of your bag: an LED light on a keychain that hangs into the interior of your bag. 


You can feel for it without even looking and next thing you know, the contents of your bag are lit up. Simple. 

3. Packing extra clothes

It happens more often than you might think: you’re dressed for work but need a casual T-shirt later and don’t have time to go home. Or you need an extra layer because it’s that time of year when the temperature changes a lot during the day. Or you want to upgrade your top for a date after work…

A great trick for storing the extra item in your bag without wrinkling it or taking up too much space, is to fold it lengthwise in half and then carefully roll it up. Check this out:


The roll will tuck neatly into any corner of your bag! It works perfectly for overnight bags and suitcases as well.


4. A secret inner-organizer

A lot of women have a big purse that everything gets lost in. The ultimate solution is the internal organizer case, where you can safely tuck all the various essentials you need throughout the day (and overnight) without any of them getting messed up, lost, dirty, or forgotten. 


This efficient trick will save you so much time and money — by keeping all those items tidier and cleaner than ever before, you won't have to replace them nearly so often.


Four super-convenient bag tips can revolutionize your daily life. Try them out and pass on your favorites!


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