Green, brown or yellow: Why brown bananas are so good for you

When we're buying bananas, their appearance plays a big part in our decision. Most often we tend to steer clear of green and brown bananas and instead opt for the ones that are perfectly yellow. But we shouldn't dismiss brown bananas in particular, since they can be surprisingly healthy for us!

To go with your intuition and select the bright yellow bananas without brown spots is also not really the best decision. Choosing an obviously more ripe banana can pay off, because the riper the banana is, the more beneficial nutrients it provides. So a ripe banana is eight times healthier than a green one.

They contain more antioxidants, for example, which can strengthen the immune system. They stimulate the production of white blood cells and slow down the aging process. A healthy diet with antioxidant substances can even work to prevent cancer.

So you see, there is more inside a brown banana than you might think at first sight!



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