12 Ideas For Saving Space In The Bathroom

If you're living in a small apartment and your bathroom is tiny, you'll need to be clever about how you organize your space so that it remains functional but also feels comfortable and not cramped. This means thinking long and hard about how to arrange your furniture, towels, hygiene products, toiletries etc. so that everything has its place, and is accessible, but still pleasing to the eye.

This can be a challenge and while not each of these 12 tips will suit your style or individual taste, they might inspire you to think about how you can create more space in your bathroom.

1. Hanging baskets

Baskets come in all colors, shapes and sizes and are ideal as storage space in a bathroom. They are sturdy enough to hold just about anything and can look really stylish if presented nicely. 


2. Pull-out drawers in cabinets

Pull-out drawers in cabinets are ideal for areas where there is enough depth but not much width and you'll be surprised by how much additional storage space you'll gain with them. Another great advantage of pull-out drawers or shelves is that everything is at your fingertips, convenient and accessible from both sides.


3. Magnets conquer chaos

Small items such as hairpins, nail files, tweezers etc. are fiddly and difficult to locate when you're rummaging around your toiletries bag. Simply attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your bathroom cabinet and you'll no longer have to search for things that really should always be readily available and right there in front of you.


4. Inbuilt bathtub storage space

The sides of this bathtub fold out to reveal plenty of storage space for all kinds of bathroom or cleaning products. What's great is that everything is neatly stowed away and is barely visible. It doesn't add a single bit of clutter, quite the contrary, it makes great use of otherwise wasted space.

decoori/Kline Brian

5. Space above the door

Have you ever thought to look up? You'll find that in most cases, there is enough room for one or two shelves just above the door. A hidden gem!


6. Clever towel rack

Wet towels need to be hung out to dry somewhere but this often takes up a lot of space. By putting a second rail in front of the shower curtain, you'll solve this problem and always have your towel at hand.


7. Rolled towels

There is something quite special about rolled towels, maybe because they remind us of hotels or spas but they are also incredibly practical. Folding towels into squares is just so tedious and they also tend to protrude more than if they are rolled and neatly tucked away on a narrow shelf.


8. Washing machine stacked up

If your cabinet is sturdy enough, you can stack your washing machine on top of it. Another good idea is stacking the washing machine on top of the dryer or vice versa. You'll save space and time moving laundry from one to the other.


9. Bathtub laundry rack

Bathtub laundry racks are ideal for drying your wet clothes. They take up very little space and because there is usually a window in the bathroom, using them means your clothes are somewhere ideal for allowing the moisture to escape.


10. Legs under the sink

Your bathroom is tiny but you can't do without your bathtub? Well, time to be a bit creative. Try looking into bathtubs that are narrower at one end, that way you could still mount your sink above it. As they say, "Where there's a will, there's a way!"


11. Toilet cabinet

There is so much potential for the space around toilets. For example, special cabinets can be fitted precisely in narrow spaces, providing new storage possibilities for small items or decorative pieces that add to the overall aesthetic appeal.


12. A cloud of toilet rolls

This creative shelf not only provides an ideal place to store toilet paper, but it is also extremely decorative and adds an almost heavenly feel to your bathroom!


A small bathroom will always be a small bathroom. But with a few clever ideas here and there, you can create useful storage space while keeping things stylish and comfortable.


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