Perfect for summer: Six helpful BBQ tips

Summer time is barbecue time. What's better than sitting together in the garden and getting a barbecue going? The following six tips and tricks will help make yours a resounding success.


1. Skewers

To prevent your skewers from drying out, or even starting a fire, soak them in a bowl of water for 15 to 20 minutes beforehand.


2. Ice cubes

So that your burgers are tender and juicy, simply place an ice cube or a small piece of butter on them while they're cooking and leave it there to melt.


3. Propane gas

For anyone using a gas-powered grill, here's a way to check the gas won't run out while you're cooking. You can easily check how much gas is still in the canister by tilting it slightly and pouring hot water over it. 

Stand the canister upright again and feel over the surface. In the cold places, there is still some gas available; in the warm areas, it's run out.


4. Aluminum foil

Cleaning the grill can be incredibly laborious. But with two simple tricks you can save both time and money. The first cleaning tip consists of crumpling up some aluminum foil, grasping it with the grill tongs and using it to scrub the grate while it's still warm.


5. Onion

With this second cleaning tip, you will get a deeper clean for the grill than with the foil. For this, halve an onion and rub the cut side over the grate using the grill tongs. The essential oil from the onion will effectively tackle the dirt.


6. Lemon

Fish is also an excellent choice for a barbecue, but sometimes the fillets can get stuck to the grill. To avoid this, place a few lemon slices on the grate and put the fish on top of them. As well as sparing you from having to clean an encrusted grill, this trick will give the fish additional flavor.


You can see all of these tips again in this video:

With these tricks, cleaning the grill is no longer such a chore. The next barbecue can't come quickly enough!


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