Make Your Own Unique Lampshade With Just A Beach Ball & String

Presumably, very few of us find a bare light bulb hanging from the living room ceiling to be aesthetically pleasing. But say you can't get around to picking out a nice lampshade or the furniture stores have nothing that you like — then this homemade DIY lampshade is just what you need.

You'll Need:

  • beach ball
  • string in the color of your choice
  • light socket with cable
  • felt-tip marker
  • glass ice cream dish
  • glue
  • water
  • plastic wrap
  • paint brush

Here's How:

1. Using a felt-tip marker, first trace the lines on the top and bottom of the ball through which the cable and light bulb will later pass. Use the unscrewable element of the lamp socket for the top, and a correspondingly large vessel (such as a sundae dish) for the bottom. Just make sure the items you're using as a template are wide enough so that you can reach through it later with the light bulb in your hand.

2. Create a water and glue mixture and stir well. Then cover your work space with plastic wrap.

3. Using a paint brush, completely cover the beach ball surface with the glue and water mixture. 

4. Now wrap the string around the ball, making sure not to cover the traced lines on the top and bottom of the ball. How close you choose to wrap the string around the ball is entirely up to you.

5. Once you have enough string wrapped around the ball, tie the ends tightly and pour the remaining glue and water mixture over the wrapped ball. Place the beach ball on top of the sundae dish and let it air-dry.

6. After everything has dried, let the air out of the beach ball, gently loosen it from the string contraption, and pull it out.

7. Finally, all you have to do is insert the light socket and a light bulb into your homemade lampshade and hang it up.

You can make multiple lampshades in this style, and the best part is that since it's completely one-of-a-kind, you can be sure that no one else will have such unique home decorations!


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