10 Beauty Products That Don't Stick To Their Promises

Many men and women dream of having flawless looks. Attracted by the colorful commercials on TV, they are more than happy to raid cosmetics departments in the hope that the various creams, scrubs and toners will fulfil their big promises. Sadly, consumers are often left disappointed, which is why we're exposing 10 of the worst offenders in today's list...

1. Face Mask


When it comes to skin care, face masks may seem like a great addition to your morning routine. As well as giving dry skin the moisture it needs, these products promise to remove any unsightly shininess caused by grease. However, face masks don't rebuild your skin from the inside as is often purported — instead they only really give you a temporary "feel good" effect, doing little to tackle the reasons why your skin is dry or oily in the first place.

2. Makeup Remover


Today, there's a whole host of innovative cleansers that both remove your makeup and clean your skin at the same time. You can choose from tons of wash gels, cleansing lotions or micellar water products out there, which makes buying a separate makeup remover rather unnecessary. Many makeup removers actually do a pretty poor job of thoroughly cleaning your skin, meaning you often need to use a wash lotion or micellar water afterwards anyway. Pointless!

3. Eye Cream


These products often promise to provide care to the sensitive areas around your eyes and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In reality, eye creams don't make much difference to your skin since they can't go deep enough through it. Any visible results only last for a very short period of time. Instead, you should use regular moisturizers or sun lotion on the sensitive areas. Expensive eye creams are simply not necessary.

4. Exfoliating Scrub


Exfoliating scrubs promise to remove any dead skin and give your face a clean appearance. However, these types of products are actually doing more harm to your skin than good. Once the top layer of skin has been removed, there is no longer a "barrier" protecting your face from the elements. After exfoliation, your glands also produces more oil, thus upsetting the balance of your skin.

5. Stretch Mark Cream


A stretch mark is a scar that develops from the inside of your body. That's why it's impossible to remove these marks with a cream. You can prevent stretch marks from forming in the first place by applying plenty of moisturizer to your belly during the pregnancy. All you need is a standard moisturizer as it will have the same effect as expensive over-the-counter products.

6. Cellulite Cream


You can't magic away cellulite with cream either. To prevent cellulite, you'll need to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Sometimes, cellulite may be down to connective tissue weakness, in which case you'll need to find the cause. At least, you can save yourself some money by keeping the cellulite cream on the shelf.

7. Toner


Toner is used to regulate your skin's pH levels. But if you're washing and moisturizing your face regularly anyway, your pH levels should be fine. Using toner over a long period of time also dehydrates and irritates your skin due to the alcohol it contains. Therefore, we recommend avoiding toner to treat dry skin.

8. Waterproof Mascara


Whether it's confronted by tears, sweat or rain, waterproof mascara can last pretty much forever. Yet the truth is that you're not doing your lashes any favors. While waterproof mascara may be resilient, it actually dries lashes out over time, causing them to fall out more quickly. That's why it's better to use regular mascara.

9. Day Cream


Day creams, eye creams, night creams — whatever will they think of next? The cosmetic industry thinks we need each one of these products, but reality paints an entirely different picture. Your skin doesn't really need any specific creams for day or night use. The important thing is to protect it from getting dry or from UV radiation. Therefore, sun lotion is usually the best option.

10. In-Shower Self-Tanning Lotion


A self-tanning lotion you can use in the shower? Yes, it really is too good to be true. In reality, applying the lotion is tricky and often leaves a blotchy finish. In addition, your bathroom will be a complete mess after use. We therefore recommend using a traditional, gradual self-tanning lotion if you want a nice, even tan.

Now that you know where the cosmetic industry is trying to give you the run-around, you can simply leave these useless products on the shelf and save yourself the frustration.




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