Turn Your Horoscope Into Your Next Home Improvement Project

"I own the stars because nobody before me ever thought of owning them." That's according to the title character of the classic children's book, "The Little Prince. " In the following DIY project, you can own the stars in a small way — and brush up on your home improvement skills — by taking inspiration from the heavens and hanging it on your wall. 

You'll need:

  • a canvas
  • string of LED lights
  • black acrylic paint
  • a white sharpie
  • hot glue

Here's how:

1. To give your picture that personal touch, look online for a map of the starry sky the night of your birth, or the birth of the person for whom you are making the picture.

Alternatively, you can also depict your favorite constellations on the canvas.

2. Paint the entire canvas black, including the edges, then let the paint dry.

3. Use the printed-out map of the stars as a template, and mark out the points of the constellations with a white sharpie on the black canvas.

4. Connect the dots with a ruler, following the template.

5. Draw rays around the dots, so that they look like sparking stars.

6. Draw more white dots between the constellations to fill the canvas with a wonderful starry sky.

7. Use a nail to pierce through the points of the constellations.

8. On the back of the canvas, stick the little lights from the LED chain through the holes and fix them in place with hot glue.

That's all you need to hang a piece of the starry heavens on your wall.

So, any time the night sky is too cloudy to see the stars, you can have a look at your wall instead to make sure your horoscope holds good things.



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